Senko no Ronde 2 [PS4/Steam]


Originally released in Japanese arcades in 2005, the Senko no Ronde series provides an unique mix of both the shooting and fighting genres, mixing them into a one-on-one action game where two Rounder (mecha) pilots face off against one another in a veritable ballet of bullets and battling. Senko no Ronde 2 is a reboot of the 2010 game Senko no Ronde DUO, a faster, further refined follow up to WarTech, the only English language release in the series.
Players take control of a Rounder and utilise long ranged attacks alongside melee assaults to defeat their opponent. Shields and the all-important dash can be used in defence, with barrage attacks and the all mighty B.O.S.S. attack on hand to rain destruction on the battle field. Featuring an involved storyline, more characters and rounders, with local battles, online matching and more! And with Zuntata alumni, Yasuhisa ‘Yack.’ Watanabe on board, you know the soundtrack is going to be a treat too.
” — From the Senko no Ronde 2 Steam page



Also, there will be a live stream showing off some Senko no Ronde 2 gameplay footage on Niconico as well:


Finally Senko no Ronde 2 on q console that isn’t region locked, first game was sick and nothing else has scratched that itch since.

Pre-ordered with the quickness


Senko no Ronde 2 will be playable at Tokyo Culture Culture next Friday in Shibuya. If you’re out there, then please consider on giving the game a chance (I need info, after all)~


Four more playable characters has been revealed today!

And the official Senko no Ronde 2 website has been updated with new character profiles as well:



Karel and Lili F. Levinas will be the first DLC for SnR2.


SnR2 will be available to play at Anime Expo:

If you’re heading out there, then please consider on trying out the game.


OMG yes. Liliy was my main on wartech/senko no ronde

She was absent in duo (for story reason) but came back as dlc.

I hope they retain her nible boss killer attribute. She wmhad pretty weak field game but she run amoke vs player boss.


Six playable characters has been revealed for SnR2 today!


And the character page has been updated as well:

Man, doing all of this through phone is such a drag… ( ` ^ ´ )


Ugh, just my luck…


SnR2 gameplay footage from Gamekun. It starts at 33:06.

Also, did anyone from EVO tried out SnR2? If so, then how was the gameplay? Did it felt identical to the previous installments? Any early pros and cons about the game?


Here is the invite link to the Senko no Ronde 2 Discord group:


From the Senko no Ronde 2 FAQ thread on Steam:

Hopefully everything works out swimmingly for the game.


This is nice, I watched the Gamekun video and with my pretty low Japanese I at least managed to translate certain things.
The game is still in very BETA status and it seriously look like, altough it seems more complete whatever a new character is confirmed.
I’m expecting extras from DUO; maaaybe we can see a new feature this time around.

I already pre-ordered the Limited Edition for PS4 and planning to do an Unboxing and Review of the game as well, as much we can attract new Rounder Pilots, will be a lot of pleasure to do so.


If you have a Japanese PSN account, the demo version of SnR2 is now available to download on PlayStation Store. Check out “ゲーム (Game)” > “体験版 (Demo)”.


Dead thread.

Anyway, SnR2 is available to download on Steam (and it’s 20% off until September 13th):

PS4 users should be expecting a release a little later on today.


I picked this title up on Steam last week. I like it alot, although the mecha designs could be much better. Hopefully the PC/PS4 sales will pick up soon, as this game is one of the few fighting games a casual player can enjoy without a huge learning curve.


Likewise, though being a $40 game may turn some people off.


So I didn’t know this was coming out in English and my Japanese version has just arrived, would it be possible for someone to please post up a screenshot of the main menu in English?


Damn Iduno, I thought you knew there were going to be an English version for SnR2? Well, regardless of that, sorry to hear dude.

Anyway, here is the screenshot of the main menu that you’ve requested: