Senko no Ronde at CF

Interesting game! Come give it a try =)

Video link of the game, check out the 7/7 video, its very strategic

Ah, the fanservice head to head shooter type thing. Yeah that looked kind of interesting.

wow that game looks awesome, i like how they powerup into the boss ships.

Okay, this game is fun as hell, and needs luck. Playing against someone is VASTLY better than the 1 player mode, you lose once you die. Other people don’t think it’s all that great, but I think it’s an excellent waste of two quarters, especially if you love shooters.

This game looks too fucking cool. More impressions anyone?

It’s fucking weird and lolispacesexalicious.


Looks interesting but not my type of game. Nice graphics though. Almost reminds me of Zone of the Enders.

Lucky lucky bastards. Make sure to go out and play the game.

…I’m scared now.

I just found out Cuilan is male.


That makes Bridget look perfectly heterosexual. Damn.

i played that, didntknow thatwaz the name lol its hot tho. get nice in that henry :karate:

Damn, you really showed me. Your E-penis is WAY bigger than mine. You think I really care how good you are at SF in a Ronde thread? Get a life.

  • ? Lunar
    With the use character, character " ??? " of the puzzle which appears CPU game midway. After the credit throwing, at the time " of PRESS START BUTTON " picture, on 1p side < Upper * A * upper * M * lower * A * lower * S * left & right * A * left & right * M > With input. When sound is audible, success!

Apparently this is the code to play as Ernula, the hidden character… In very broken engrish. Can anyone make heads or tails of it?

Do you have the original text in the original language?

After inserting credits and getting to the “Press Start Button” screen, enter UP, A, UP, M, DOWN, A, DOWN, S, LEFT, RIGHT, A, LEFT, RIGHT, M.

If you hear a voice, then you entered it correctly.

Awesome game. Hope I can somehow snatch it up for DC, it’ll fit nice inbetween Psyvarier 2 and Shikigami No Shiro …I love me some shmups, so…

wait how old is this game?

3 or 4 months?

Yes, people are still producing Dreamcast games in Japan.

uuh, how’d this thread get 2 pgs already? nobody’s really playing it (at cf anyways). 2 quarters? right henry, right. :rolleyes:

btw, good phukin job w/ this selection Mr. cen! stop beatin around the bush and just get MB:AC already!! goddamn clown!