Senko No Ronde Thread

I should be lurking but since Senko No Ronde will be coming to the box soon in a few days. I figured I’ll make a thread on it. I’m looking forward to playing some of you guys if it’s still live compatible.

Just watching this game almost gave me a sezz

60 bucks??? I’ll wait till this one goes down.
Gona trade my crackdown/POS beta in for R6

I heard good things about this game.

I might try to unload some unwanted 360 games and pick this up.

When I get it wednesday along with Odin Sphere I might pick up Fabian as my main. He looks like a very interesting person to use. Along with that young girl Riri.

Let me start off the thread putting up some matches from youtube.

They are not that good in quality but you still can see what’s going on to a certain degree. It seems Culian is used the most out of the vids I found so far. As much as I’m diggin the game so far I’m gonna have to play it to have my final stand on it. But I’m pretty pumped for wednesday.

And here’s the gameplay faq on how to play it. Even though it’s not deep enough.

So this comes out Wednesday? In the US?

Yup. I hope you are also interested I need more people to play this with online. Because I fear that this game could be overrun very quickly by the more popular games, and it will be forgotten for a good while. Hopefully the game is really good to the public, and maybe we could have a little scene for it on live.

This game definitely looks good. At least I’ll be doing more with my DOA4 stick except playing Lag Fighter Anniversary Collection. :tup: And did someone say online? :wgrin:

I tried this game out in Japan when I visited a few months ago, and its a fun game, but not worth $60. Only get this game if you have some extra store credit or wait until it drops to $40 or so. The fact that there are only 8 characters with 2 variations each is kind of low content for $60 IMO.

fuck that any shmup is worth it.

So anybody gonna go pick this up today? I’ll probably be on my homeboy’s 360. If you run into a Fabian it’s me. Around 9:00 if not fuck with me tomorrow evening.

Here’s mine, with lots and lots of detail I’ve found over the course of several months:

I’ll see you all online. :smiley:

Just picked it up tonight.

I really like it so far, even though I’m having a hell of a time beating ANY of the final stages.

Did it cost $60? I like the game and want it, but $60 is too damn much for a game with ass replay value beyond the Live play.

not worth it, will wait later for price drop, got odin sphere instead

I played a bit in the arcade before getting my copy. $60 is indeed steep but I’m having fun.

Question though: as me and my friend have been playing on Live, we’ve noticed sometimes we are slowly losing health. Overdrive mode does this, however we are NOT in this mode. Is there any other reason for a slow, gradual loss of life?

Thanks! Hit me up on XBL for some games if you want.


correct me if I am wrong but is this the game thats been out for a Long while in Japan. Like i remember a year or two ago talking about playing this game. Unless its a different version/game?

I definatly will be trying this out.

This happens in the last twenty seconds of the round. You’ll notice in those last twenty seconds, the background starts flashing and orange-red color. At the same time, both lifebars will start to decrease gradually as though you were in Overdrive, but you DO NOT gain the benefits of it. Activating Overdrive at this time doubles the rate in which life is lost.

Yeah, I forgot to mention this in my guide. It’s still kinda clunky at the moment. -_-

bump, son. I still haven’t gotten this game. It sucks being broke.

Thanks man, I figured it was something like this.

I wish more people were playing, but for $60 I understand why they’re not :sad:.

The price will drop eventually.