Senko no Ronde Thread

Seriously, if you play this game. Add me on Xbox Live right away. It’s very hard to find people outside of the Japanese playing this game. Even then, I have to be up at the early hours just to get play one of them. This is a great shmup fighter, so if you’re into it, give me a shout.

Nice to hear that at least the Japanese are on. My bro likes the more obscure Japanese fighting games and was playing it for a bit when he first got it for like 10 bucks at Best Buy. It’s a fun looking game, but I assumed the lack of knowledge of the game in the US would cause it to not be played much. Sucks cuz this is the first shmup fighter to really get a shot in the US. If I find some extra time I’ll try and play it online just for kicks.

A lot of people look at this game and don’t give it a chance. But, it really is fun and I was converted to playing it the second I found competition. I mean, I love shmups, what could possibly better than a game that mixes my love of FGs and my love of shmups.

I actually played one American today and that was the first one. :tup:

i just bought this. i’ll add you up when it arrives

Me too. Should arrive this week.

I grabbed this a while back, hell 10 dollars… can’t go wrong =P

Only played it a few times, and never saw anyone online.

good times, it’ll be nice to play you again, it’s been ages since i played you on xboxlive

Totally awesome, guys. Get at me if you want to play some. =)

You guys can add me as well. I’m a real scrub but like to play when I can.

yeah, thatll be cool. it will take me a bit longer to get on then i expected though… the morons sent me the ntsc version. Ill have to send it back and wait for exchange.

Isn’t it region free?

ok i’ve picked up karel. gonna explore this dash cancelling malarky.

Don’t know whether to use version A or B with him. I figure his blocking shot (triple spread) combined with his hcf 3 orb special could cause al ot of shit to fly around the screen. Or maybe use rapid fire dash cancelled gauss rifle shots. hmm, seems fun so far.

Whats the strategy with turning into your boss form? can you generally do more damage to your opponent in normal mode as i only see the japs turning into boss right at the end on youtube vids…

…oh, shit :rofl: yeah you are right…just tested it. Lucky that I was too lazy to send it back since it arrived last week :looney:

BOSS can generally be used to restore health, especially if you have the advantage in BOSS stock.

Well, surprise, surprise. The first bad game I get is from an American. No offense. But, if you ever see this gamertag Raomaru don’t play this fool. If you win he’ll unlplug very fast and then talk shit. Waste of time. Here is some of shit he was sending me, after I messaged him regarding his 2 straight disconnects after losses.

Basically, I was just messing with the dude and he sent me all of this crying and bitching. Man, thinks he some kind of holy because he doesn’t have gamerpoints or some shit. One of the bigger douches I’ve played on Xbox live and I play Halo 3. :rofl:

i got this recently after wanting to play it since MWC last year. i’ll try and get some games in but i haven’t really gotten the basics down yet.

I’ll add you dude. I’m on this game pretty often.

To conclude this story, after a long exchange, (regarding disconnects, tourneyfags, um, internet courtesy?) we finally play some. I win them all.

He sends that to me, and being the nice guy that I am, I guess we’re friends now after all the name-calling he did to me. :rofl:

If anybody wants, add me (GT: Myrmidon0). I’ve been playing this game for several months and would be glad to get some action, especially from new people.

I had some nice matches with altergenesis already. Who do you main? I was having a lot of trouble against Mika A? Or is it just that I’m really not used to post-patch Mika A missiles as opposed to Mika B missiles? Dashing directly in goes a lot less well against Mika A than Mika B, as Mika A’s missiles and one barrage attack (was it 446 or 466?) cover the front a lot better.

I use A, but I see a slight preference in general for Karel B. They’re different, but of pretty equal strength. A has better subweapon-charged blocking shot and very slightly more standing main shot power, B has better non-charged blocking shot and BOSS shot patterns. There’s some differences in uses for the barrage attacks too, most notably for the HCF orb (A’s is usable closer up and is more of a pressure tool, whereas B must find the correct range–but B’s damage potential is much better for the move).

Karel is the worst character in terms of combining bullet patterns to create traps and pressure, but you’re on the right track. One decent trap as Karel A is to get the opponent against the edge of the playing field, use a HCF orb barrage to force them to move in one direction, and manually aim the subweapon charged-up blocking shot in the direction he’s forced to go. For Karel A, HCF orb is pretty much the all-purpose pressure tool, limiting enemy mobility; it also allows you to begin moving in if you got trapped away a screen away from the opponent.

But you’re the most right about the rapid fire dash canceled main shots. That’s Karel’s standard offense–get in a mid-close range and spam shot->dash (reload shot)->dash shot->dash cancel. Karel can’t hit anything unless he’s either close up or punishing a mistake, so it’s best to stay fairly close in most situations. Oh, there’s also psychic guessing manually-aimed main shots, but that’s the last frontier of a Karel player’s game IMHO, probably past my ability to use effectively. (If you hit the shoot button and immediately hit shield and a direction before the release, you can change directions before shooting, thus shooting in a direction other than straight at the opponent’s current position.)

About boss, uses are:

  1. knock someone into Vanish and then kill them in the boss (i.e. you initiate boss right when they’re about to go into Vanish, because you’re afraid their final boss would kill you at your current health–thus, you prevent them from ever using it)
  2. gain health
  3. knock someone into Vanish (so they can’t use boss to gain health, only if their final boss sucks and won’t kill you)
  4. deal a little bit of damage in general

Make sure you make good use of your boss stock. If you’re in the final round and both people have 2 boss stock left, try to use 2 bosses to his 1 in that round. Be aware of who you’re facing and how much meter you and they have (some characters can destroy certain bosses easily, such as Sakurako vs. Fabian boss). In certain bad matchups, it’s sometimes worth using boss just because they have no meter, as their barrage attacks totally own your boss normally. Also, keep in mind that some people may try to get hit intentionally (!) either outside of boss or inside your boss, so that they get knocked down to Vanish, enabling them to go into final boss.

oh i think i’ve played you on xbox live a while ago

i’ve made a youtube tutorial video about senko a while back…

i haven’t been playing the xbox360 lately though…

there it is