Senku to Tatsu, WTF!?



I was playing another Gouken player on xbl the other night and he busted out a combo I have NEVER seen. He hit me with a Senkugoshoha Palm strike and then connected straight to a Tatsumaki Gorasen! I was like " holy shit I didnt know you could do that!". So after the fight was over I went into traing and tried to pull it off to no avail.

Was the game just glitching on me or is this really possible? and if so, a tip on how to do it would be great!


EX Palm Stirke, dash, Roundhouse Tatsumaki


What noontide said. It’s alittle tricky though.


No man, I know that combo. Let me give more detail.

It was a palm strike straight into a tatsu. No ex-palm,no dash, no FADC.

He combo’ed right into it like it was a fierce to senku


In a corner or middle ground?


You can trade hits on impact of the dash palm, recover quickly, and then juggle with the second to last hits of tastu (short tatsu is easiest). The first hit of tatsu won’t juggle because it doesn’t have enough juggle potential.


Hopefully that isnt what happened.


It was in the middle of the stage. as soon as the senku landed he immediately connected with a tatsu. I’m really thinking this was some sort of online lag glitch


it was probably just swamp gas or a weather balloon.


yo l-dubb, i think you might have been mistaken cuase the only moves that can follow a senku are super and ultra, and the ultra has a hard time connecting anyway. I just spent a little bit in training mode testing various things that could connect with senku and nothing does, not even when i set it to be counter hit, which usually adds some sort of juggle or something. Nothing worked. Even with a lag glitch, i dont think its possible to connect anything but the super or ultra after palm.


I know it seems crazy but I promise you that it did happen. I don’t think its actually possible to do though. It must of been a glitch of some sort.


It was probably due to a trade or something, I think I was able to reproduce it on practice by trading.


howling, what did you do to attempt to replicate this? i set up a hit trade scenario and was not able to connect anything after the trade, and it wasnt due to me missing, i clearly would have hit the training dummy if the dummy would have been put in juggle state by the trade. I honestly dont think senku puts the opponent in the normal juggle state to connect anything other than super or ultra. please let me know what you did , i would like to see this anomaly in action.


Are you sure it was the senku palm that he landed? If it linked immediately it could have been Fierce > Tatsu. Gouken creates the same earthquake effect with close standing fierce.


I’ve had senku land then right after do tatsu, mid screen, I blame lag FTW?.. =/


Ryu rapid jabbing, tried a few rush punches till we traded, then ex tatsu. second hit of tatsu got him.


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howling thanks. With that information i was able to re-create this without too much trouble. I was also able to take it further and make it something that is usable in match, but its pretty situational. basically they need to be in or near the corner and you have to hit them while they are in the air with a fireball. I have been in this specific scenario many times, im sure most of you have. well after you hit them with the fireball you palm them but you need to make sure they are kind of high when the palm hits, you then fadc out of palm and immediately do lk tatsu. the initial tatsu hit wiffs, but the second and if their height is correct the last hit connects as well. EX tatsu seems to hit one time and throw them out of the corner. from what i see it looks like palm puts the opponent in the same state as puts them in, where you can only do a select number of things after the the move connects. which in the case of palm seems to be the same stuff you can do after you connect the 2 hits from minus doing another however, i would put money on that if they were high enough you could connect for 1 hit after palm.

so basically, this is not terribly useful, but if its going to kill them why not do it? sure if you have ultra/super you can do that instead for bigger damage but if those options are not available you have this.

EDIT: i take that back, WILL connect cause i just did it.


Out of curiosity, is there any reason to use that combo over just HK Tatsu after the fireball? It deals more damage from what I see.

Nice find though. Something to think about.


Good question, well, i just went into training mode and hk tatsu does do more damage only if you do lp or mp palm. If you use hp palm it does 3 pts more damage. another reason is if you are uncomfortable dashing in after the fireball, cause with the distance you have to be from the opponent to hit them with the upwards fireball you are most likely going to need to dash to hit them. but heck you could also just dash and ultra/super which is better than all options. for me i will probably switch to hk tatsu but its gonna take some time cause i just instinctively throw out palm from habit. Thanks for bringing that to my attention though, i had not considered it before.