Sensitivity of Crown Buttons?

For some reason, I’ve recently developed an urge to mod my HRAP with a Korean stick setup like those on the Delta32 SFIV cabs. Loved the buttons and stick when I had a chance to play on one overseas. The thing is, I play Gen in AE, so I slide a lot, and I don’t know how easy it will be to slide on Crown buttons. I didn’t get a chance to try out my Gen on the Korean setup, so if anyone here knows if Crowns are particularly harder to engage, please let me know!

This is weird. Most arcades here modded their Delta32s to accept Sanwa parts (stick and button).

Ironically, the Korean Delta32s were at a Timezone in the Philippines o.o I forgot what mall it was at exactly, but they had like 3 Technika setups and it was in a movie theater.

Probably G4. And yes, TimeZone has modded their Delta32s to accept JLFs.

Glorietta 4? I think you’re right. I wish the states had as many arcade locations as the PI. Nowhere else in the world will I be able to rack up clothes, groceries, lunch, and Yun wins other than the Philippines.

Crappy ass hack jobs though. The dust washers tend to gets stuck on the hole for the stick.

Back on topic though, if I remember correctly, the Crowns used on those Delta Cabs are close to the Sanwas in sensitivity.

They’re a bit harder to press than Sanwa buttons, but I think you could play Gen on them.