Sent block death on qcf+pp?

Has this been explained before?


Not to my knowledge…I was actually wondering how this is possible for some time now…Magnetro will have to post his explanation here…

its just hyperball being mashed to its maxed, its impossible to do it that long humanly.the computer always gets 16 hits

First of all, it requires someone to pushlock the ball when they are in the middle of it in the corner. Second, anyone can mash it out like that if they practice. Mash lk>lp>lk>lp as fast as humanly possible. I’ve done it a few times to friends and gotten quarter chip or so. Once you lose the rythym and press both buttons at once or one twice in a row, you lose it.

its my ppad mashing at the speed the buttons are shown. I REALLY thought people would figure out out seeing as how the buttons were mashed 1/60fps and how there were only two buttons AND how everything I do is on PPAD. The amount of requests I got through youtube/aim/srk for that clip, and that clip only is as amazing as it is depressing. Ugh.

An another note, I’ve always wondered about secret manual techniques to mashing. my friend did 8-hit head crush (juggernaut) point blank on someone manually and i’ve seen people mash sent’s ball “correctly” sometimes. There might be a technique to mashing supers (not lightning storm, GOD) correctly. I don’t have much hope in anyone that isn’t me or JOO to find it though.

for somebody who isn’t so ‘noob’ friendly in this thread (even tho this isn’t even a noob question being asked to begin with),
it’s funny you’re the same person who started this thread on community growth problems:

can i spell I-R-O-N-Y plus E-P-I-C F-A-I-L.

I think Magnetro just asked for someone to step up and try to muster the drive to figure out some stuff for yourself.

Jaded, I read his post 2x, and never noticed anything that attacked you. After watching the youtube video, where he even SHOWED the button sequences, it is more than obvious how he was able to cause that much chip on CC.

I used to think that MTro was just one of the roaming, impersonable, flaming SRKers, but it’s kinda obvious to me now that he just wants some fellow gamers to start moving forward with rather than to keep explaining the oftentimes obvious past to.

Think about it. Thnx for posting that vid btw. This was my 1st time seeing it and I usually watch all of MTro’s stuff.

Humans can’t see at 1/60 FPS and we all don’t know Magnetro uses a programmable pad because frankly, I haven’t gotten a chance to pick up his biography at Barnes and Noble.

If it was more than obvious, everyone would have answered correctly on this thread.

hey, if you choose to make a video showing something out of the ordinary and complex that you found out on your own, more power to you, but this is no-where near common knowledge and something that every person on SRK is obligated to give to the community, so a less ‘well-duh?’ response seems more appropriate. Agreed?

Regardless, it’s a cool find Magnetro, I give you that much credit. You definitely have given a lot to the MvC2 community in general, no doubt, and I think everyone thanks you for that… though I can’t agree that everyone should contribute/understand as much as you just because you have decided to take it a step farther.

Evan Wenzel (Rairu on SRK) found one for Hail. Not sure exactly what it is, but when you watch his hands, it’s just a quick tap over a series of buttons (no kicks involved, it seems) and your health chips away like a blocked tron drill. Well, not quite that bad, but it’s pretty tight to watch.

noooo! don’t let him tell anybody. thats too fucking good :rofl:

Doesn’t Magnetro state in the beginning of Variable Atmosphere that these are played if both players had the 100% accuracy of programmable pads?

Anyway, Zaza made a good post about button mashing+wiggling, but the claw grip style method is kind of tough. Unless you’re like MikeZ and mash 20+ hits on Tron’s Drill by playing Caveman Games.