Sent & CapCom Combos



I haven’t seen any around here. So here’s a thread for some.

I got one major damaging ones:

(Corner) Launch, Magic Series, Fly Throw+lk[Call CapCom], fp, CapCom hits lp RocketPunch.

It’s about 75%.

Post 'em up.


midscreen - launch, sj., sj.[lk XX fastfly], f.[lk + CapCom-AAA, hp, DP Rocket Punch]


corner - launch + CapCom-AAA, sj.[lp Rocket Punch (after CapCom-AAA hits), lk, hp Rocket Punch, hp, delay hk (OTG)], land, j.[lk, hp], walk forward, hp throw, c.lp (OTG), , c.hp XX hp Rocket Punch XX HSF, sj.uf, sj.[lk XX fastfly], f.[lk + CapCom-AAA, hp, DP Rocket Punch], fly forward throw yada yada …




ESCAPABLE! yes it does hellacious damage but tech hits are prety popular nowadays. and when you go to throw someone they can throw you back. plus magneto and storm have so much more throw priority over sentinel it isnt funny.

a few safe combos :

short, short, corridor > rocket punch > HSF. or plasma storm for that matter.

^ short, short can also be replaced with crouching roundhouse, cancel it into a rocket punch at the second hit. and they cant roll out of this so its safe, your stoping it from sweeping before the third hit so it wont.

and i always launch with him, just do the normal air combo with the corridor, and btw i THINK you have to do it straight up (jump and do the combo straight up that is) with the corridor in it. so : launch, short, corridor, strong, forward > RP
and actually instead of the rocket punch you can do hard drive for about 86 damage then cancel to hail or proton cannon for nearly fatal damage.

very basic but completly safe combo’s. these are just improved on B&B combo’s.


But you can guardbreak tech hits. And a lot of the breaks are quite easy.

Does anyone know the guardbreak for a corner throw with Sent in air?


corner air throw, once they tech hit, call CapCom-AAA, wait, f.[lk, mk, dp Rocket Punch], then fly forward and keep throwing :stuck_out_tongue: (teching a throw puts them out of the 2 throw per combo limit)