Sent/Doom AAA tactics



Ok folks… I need help with Sent/Doom… I don’t even know were to begin since my Sentinel sucks… but it’s even harder with a non-traditional AAA.

All I know is that I need to get my opponent in the corner (where Sent/Doom shines) and I also need help against Mag/AAA vs Sent/Doom.


sent/doom aaa? i use this team myself, and what i did was just chipping their life. try to force them to the corner and do chipping on them. if not, just ativate flight mode, near your opponent, call out doom, stomp the shit, unfly,, fly, stomp, lp mp,call doom out plus hp,continue.


Mag/cyc pretty much dominates this duo.

With that out of the way…

you really have to be able to pull fast flies like nobodies business because alot of the time your opponent is going to be counter assisting or sj’ing out of the way and thats when you can try to catch them.

Your basic set-up:

C.fp+doom aaa from either full screen or another zone in which it’s safe to drop a spit.

Follow up with fly unfly then watch the opponent, if they sj(which they are likely to do} Then use the appropriate move to zone based on character.

Vs storm w/o aaa that counters doom

You can either pan this biatch or attempt a sj lk/sj.lp at the height right above her head and attempt a fast fly. Watch out for the hella basic shit lightning strikes all over the place because of your lack of real aaa. remember to continually pushblock her rushdown and to stay mobile or else she’ll stick to you and get you in a position when you can’t call out doom without risking him. Your lack of aaa sukz pretty bad this fight, call doom late on her jump in so he comes out and at least trades. At that point start spitting.

I could write this shit all day but i’d rather hit you up on aim or somthing.

Some basic patterns with sent/doom when you have unfly.,, flight, lk,fk unflk lk, refly before you touch ground, tap up lk,fk unfly lk repeat if it’s safe !OR!

After one rep fly back, unfly spit fly watch where they move and either dash back in for more rushdown or cover the skies ready to fast fly whatever sneezes.

I’ll post more shit later.


Good stuff Mixup!


bump this is part of my team…any more strats?


This is what I got from Clockw0rk on his Q+A thread on

I find it hard to use this tatic against Sentinels, but on Cables it’s decent.


thank you. i’ll be trying this…anymore stuff is appreciated. oh, and i think i saw your vids awhile, back they were nice.:slight_smile:


Sent Mass Assault

well this isnt much of a Sent/Doom tatic but more along the lines of a Sent Corner Mass Assault

  1. Make sure you use this in a corner
  2. Preform a into a QCF+Fp follow that into Sent’s SF (QCF+lp+Fp)
  3. As soon as the last three drones come in and ur alowed free movment dash in with a
  4. SJ. Straight up and attack with lp, lk, mk, go into flight mode and fly forward and hit fp to grab
  5. after the grabs finnished hit lk, mk, FQCF+lp/fp (diaganal rocket punch) and repeat 4) and 5)once more
  6. After the repeat of 5) hit lk,mk, QCF+lp+fp (Turbine Charge)

it takes a while to get the hang of but once ur able to pull it off it does a ton of pts in dmg.
the only flaw is they can tech out of the grabs, but its so instant that wont even think of it


Mokoti, thanks for the reply! I’m glad you liked it.

Thanks for the combo!


What if the other team is dedicated to running away? I’m having a devil of a time catching runners with Sent/Doom, i’ve got a buddy who runs with (Random Mid-Tier)/Doom/Capcom or (Random Mid-Tier) Cable/Capcom, and I’m having a hard team beaking his shell. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


vs mag/storms of the world try to stay under them, this is the whole fight imo. who ever gets under the other wins. if youre ever above mag or storm youre at a disadvantage and must play it as such. mag/storm sj jab/short blah blah will beat out anything sentinel does from this position on the flip side of things, if mags is coming straight at you or down at you, frying pan will cause massive skull damage (watch out for storms lightning attacks from a distance though, frying pan will trade with it usually). i use alot of mouth lazers to try to get mags /storm moving upwards. if they get too close be PATIENT i must stress this, be patient with calling doom. reason is, they will usually try to counter assist doom and in the same process lock you down for a rush down. make them call their assist first trust me theyll need to do so to rush you properly since you can block alot of magnetos shit with sentinels ability to shrug off initial contact of low /triangle short’s, im not saying just stand there and try to block him, try to dash away, push block away, jump (and be ready to break throws) after they call their assist try to mash out your doom and attack mags. usually i’ll jump up and mash out the assist after they throw out theres to try to create breathing room, take advantage of offensive opportunities if they present themselves but mostly to get room by dashing back with mouth lazer. if you must fly, fly LOW do not fly in the air youll get killed. fly to stomp or to get away low. your ideal position against mags/storm is full screen away or under neath them. any other time youre at a disadvantage IMO. vs storm also watch out for those hails!!! also i use clocks strat to bait doom but mix it up with calling doom and flying to the other side of an opponent and using the frying pan to wedge them between yourself and the doom crack rock, then try to mix up or do whatever from there :evil: vs any run away you should have no problem except if its cable run away. cable fucks with sentinel you gotta have skills like RO to win this consistantly oh well hehe. i just call in strider when cable starts runnin:D


Thanks for the tips Devil X :wink:

BTW- I don’t use Strider… :stuck_out_tongue:



A simple but effective Sent/Doom reset.

launch+Doom /\ lp, lp xx fly let the guy fall into rocks and then fly over their head switching sides. Then you’ll see them pop up then whatever combo into RP.



How much more managable do you think Sent/Doom becomes when you add an Anti-Air that compliments them like Cyke.

Theoreticly, it should cease a lot of the “unconventional” AA problems. Sent/Cyke is solid, not as solid as Sent/Capcom, but Sent has some nice cyke combos with fast fly. Doom can use Cyke for AA and spacing. And Cyke can make comebacks, safe DHC in, and fight point if need me. Doom rocks and Sent drones also help run away cyke chip, since if he tries to hit doom or sent on the ground, Cyke can super him, and if not, it’s just chip and meter.



i dont like that team for one reason



Yeah, Cable tears me apart. But I can fight him with Doom/Cyke.

But I’ve only had to fight our area’s Cable’s, so…



Here’s a little Sentinel/Funk Doc Doom combo.

While using Sentinel dash in with, now at while Sentinel feet are coming out, the opponent should be crouch blocking. If so you cancel your, into flymode and do a flying lk, hk rocketpunch(lp) and by that time the rocks from doom should connect as well. This is a good way to score extra damage with sentinel. But I suggest you never try that one Cable-but thats common sense:rolleyes:

And also I’m not too sure but I think it’s possible that after the rocks hit you, you can also unfly and do a hp rocket punch straight into HSR and then snapout-I think:bluu:

Not too sure about that last one, thanks anyways


I think this tandum is pretty effective when used correctly. It stands a chance against any squad. And to top it off Sentinel backed by DoomRock assist is fun.:smiley:


How does one fight Sent/Cap using Sent/Doom effectivley?


The best Sent/Doom I’ve seen has the in-and-out mindset. He won’t attack until his entrance is covered. Spends most of his time dashing out, calling Doom and flying in.

A really good match reset is to do low fierce plus Doom into HSF from fullscreen. Then fly over to them. It’s guaranteed pin, even if they guardcancel.