Sent DOs n DONTs



hope a lot of people will help

this few weeks i replaced storm for capcom for my team, so now im playing scrub

i can beat most of da good cables back here in our arcade at da phil. w cable BUT ITS SO BORING so i put sent against him. now its like 2-10

anyway this thread would be moves that leaves u open for ahvb and how to prevent it.and wats to landing a sure launcher

ill post mine later(because i only now 2)
plssssss. help


you have to be careful with the rocket punches for sure.


if this is just a thread about what leaves you open for an AHVB just about EVERYTHING does technically…

-rp’s obviously do
-lasers not cancelled into fly, then unfly (unfly not needed)
-any time ur in the air w/out unfly
-long strings that get pushblocked
-missed fast fly’s can be AHVB’ed sometimes
-even lasers cancelled to HSF can be traded with [which im sure can get through with the PRECISE timing, u might wanna call an assist inbetween the 2nd and 3rd set of drones so u will get through, juss a thought]
-of course lasers to lk drones or rh drones

im sure i left out some, not to mention that cable can always use the gunshot to ahvb against sent, its a great great weapon, hehe, even c.fp, lp scim, ahvb is great at the right angle


hehe i shouldn’t be sayin anything since i’m not that great with sent. but if you ever run across a super cable player don’t ever HSF! lol…

i was just watchin the clock vs sin vid at…damn…clock had quite a big lead…called doom, hsf…then BOOM cable does the AHVB at the weird frame thingy and the rockets pass him, the ahvb hits both sent and doom, x2 = game over…but then again that was a win/lose situation for sin cuz if he screwed up the timing he woulda died even sooner.


Yeah, thats why he need to be blocking something before you do Hyper Sentinel Force or he can get right through and ruin your life :frowning:


The Hit box was on the doom assist when the HSF was going off. That allowed cable to get off his ahvb. No guard cancel needed in that situation.