Sent fake unfly

someone wanna write up a detailed explaination for me? 50morecentz or demise?


cant be fucked to look for it myself <3

You MUST HAVE HAD UNFLY PREVIOUSLY AND LOST IT THE TECHNICAL WAY (using it all of your 5-7 times). Then, after you’ve lost it and can’t seem to get your unfly back, pressure your opponent with,f.fp or f.lp, f.fp…now you have unfly, so you can either unfly into another move or you can just keep flying and have unfly (so that you can bait an AHVB or a hail).

it is kind of hard to explain due to the fact that there is no sense to be made of this little glitch…something about the guard string or f.lp followed by a f.fp gives you 1 unfly after having lost unfly the techinical way.