Sent -n- Ken Sittin in a tree

Wassup i need some sentinel ken strategies …i can use drones and kens roll to start crossups …what do u think are some good dhc’s ?and etc

i do drones command roll to the other side again it normally croses so after the kicks i can hit shoyureppa then we ken gets to the corner dhc to qcf+pp takes good damage but will HSF work the same way since ken is carrying them across screen

can ken exp assist properly set up s.hp fierce rp HSF ? i’ll have to try it later but what other setups can they do together cuz i play ken.a storm.a sent.y i know storm and ken work wonders but i need some ken sent strategies

Sent drones are too slow it’s better to use rocket punch assist even then there is some vulnerability when using the roll and it is suceptible to push block.

If you are dead set on using ken try to make a strategy that centers on landing a hurricane kick combo (lands all four hits of the hurricane kick in a air combo) and if you can’t do that consistently then you should know these comboes:

c. lk, c. mk xxx shoryu max range
c. lk, standing hp xx hp hadouken xxx shoryu max damage
c. lk, c. mk, hp hadouken xxx shoryu

He has good priority on his j. hp and you can sometimes do jump up foward hp xxx hurricane kick.

His up+hk has alot of hit stun and crosses up but it’s kinda hard to use try to aim it at the top of their head. Another thing to note that since it has alot of hit stun if you connect with it you can dash in and do a light attack into launch which is something that is usually harder to do.

Also make sure you learn about ken’s invincibility.

Ken sent isn’t really a good duo IMO if you use the rocket punch + roll cross up keep this in mind:

if you do it up close, hp roll will cross up and lp roll will NOT which leads to mix up games.

Ken has some real problems having a mix up game so maybe you can try rogue V so you can land some of your comboes.

Some other tips are:

  • Free Shippu attempts when used with doom b

  • Free shoryureppa when THC with sabretooth b (although not cable safe)

  • Free uppercut attempts when used with sent g

i wouldn’t suggest ken if you are a beginner

he also has two infintes but they are hard to land and one is only done in the corner and I personally can’t really do the mid screen one