Sent/Storm and Storm/Sent "new" stuff

Alright, i have it as new not because i found it yesterday, but because i never see anyone talk about it or post it as something they saw or discovered or whatnot, so i’m gonna post some stuff i’ve been using for a few weeks now and it has paid off

I use Storm variety assist, yea, people think it sucks, but it’s not as bad as assumed, especially when used correctly. It REALLY adds damage to combos, sets up a bunch of stuff, and can be used to trap and is a fairly annoying assist. The worst part about it is that it isn’t instant startup, but this is also one of it’s assets.

First off, here’s a simple sent combo using that assist off a launcher, does 98 damage to cable., sj.lp,,, xx fly, call storm immediately, HP throw, after throw, they fall into assist and get carried up,, xx dp rp

sometimes you have to alter it. you know how you can tell if you can land a after you throw in the air w/ sentinel? well if you can, do it, otherwise the assist won’t connect. if it has that laggy weird shit then there’s no need and the assist will connect w/o help. it’s real nice though, and if they tech, you’re in fly mode, so GB that shit

here’s a way to kill w/ 2 supers w/ sentinel and looks nice at the same time…

link into rp xx hsf, when superflash ends, call storm, s.hp xx rp, storm hits and brings them up, unblockable on way down xx HSF, superflash ends, call storm, s.hp xx rp, storm hits, xx rp

death to all

now here’s the real reason i made the thread, the sent/storm variety trap

i NEVER see anyone do this, even if they DO pick storm variety assist w/ sent and i think it’s a mistake, it costs no meter, does chip and is annoying to get out of, plus noone ever sees it so they’re likely to fuck up getting out of it. my problem is that there are 2 variations and im not sure which is better

get them to block HSF or something, or get them on the way down, call storm, c.hp xx rp, storm appears, when rp retracts, do lk drones at top of screen then bring them down on top of them, call storm when drones are hitting and repeat

there’s a small gap between when they can escape typhoon and when drones are coming in, jump too early, hit the ceiling of typhoon, and fall back into trap, jump to late and you get hit by the drones

2nd variation (i think is better, but want others input)

get them to a spot to start trap, call storm, c.hp xx fly xx unfly land, c.hp storm appears, xx lk drones, repeat when drones are hitting

i think the gap is a LOT smaller in this one, but it’s been a while since i’ve faced repeated lasers from sentinel (everyone seems to be flying and spamming commando where i play lately) so i don’t really remember how hard/easy it is to get out of it

eihter version can be changed by adding in laser xx rp xx hsf and calling storm after the superflash ends for extra chip, or cancel into fly after the 2nd c.hp and go in for stompdown, or some other random thing that you want to do…

just wondering which trap you guys think is better, it all depends on the c.hp trap or leaving a space after drones

or maybe just mix it up? i dunno

and final thing, storm/sent drones 50% reset,, call drones, sj.hp ad d/f sj.hp land, drones juggle up a bit, la forward to center of body, la up above body, la down

the 3rd la lets you land quick and knocks them up in the air, allowing you the hi/lo/left/right/throw reset options, what more could you want? and the damage is nothing to scoff at…

if you do the reset again you can just la xx ls after the drones hit for a kill since the reset does slightly less than half life vs. cable (68 damage)

it’s really nice and i’d like to see people using it

but my real question is about the trap, what do you guys think?

this is old wack stuff, and combos don’t have throws in them

well my friend, if it’s so old and so wack, yet so effective and damaging, WHY DOESN’T ANYONE do it? since the stuff is so easy anyway…

yea, ok… if you didn’t read the top i said it wasn’t like i found it out yesterday, i just never saw anyone mention it or talk about it so i thought i was the only one who knew, try to read it ALL next time…

why dont people do shockwave combo everytime with magneto, isntead of fucking up resets and the infinite? there is alot of stuff thats not done, that maybe should be, who knows.

shit, i don’t know about you, but i do a simple shockwave combo once my opponent’s close enough to die from it in a serious match. why take risks?

different situations call for different measures

Because some players would rather do tyt work.

infinite is dope.

doing the infinite in tourney play shows coolness under pressure, execution and style.

though in my opinion the scrubby shockwave combo and unmashables are better.


infinites are also very useful in building meter, especially if someone meter hungry like strider or cable is next in line.

but you gotta watch it if the opponent has a meter hungry hog coming next too cuz infinities build their meters pretty fast too

if doing damage is scrubby, then i guess shockwave is scrubby.

how many matches woulda ended differently had people just done shockwave, i know you can do the infinite, so can just about everyone, how about you just kill them and win. doing 30483598458 hits ain’t doing no damage anyway, and resets aren’t garunteed.

just like when people have the chance to do major damage to a point char, but they snapback, the assist comes in, and they get hit by a random upper cut, or captain corridor and end up losing anyway. there is a time a place for all that shit

what shockwave combo?

we really did change the topic of this thread, but oh well, i guess.

and the basic version of the shockwave combo, is c. fp, shockwave. you can do it other ways, or just do the first hit of s. fk xx shockwave, but, yeah. link it up however you want to.

And what would happen if the infinite was done correctly by a player? Let see, into an unmashable that adds up to hmmm…95% life lol and a couple bars. If you hit the guy ONCE with random attack before all that you just won the game. UNESCAPABLE GUARD BREAK into infinite again, into another unmashable and then dhc to kill the char. Have fun with their aaa.
If players take the easy way out all the time then there would be nothing new. I’m not bitching at all because i fuck up my infinite. i’m just trying to say to the magneto players don’t be afraid to use magneto to his fullest potential(whatever you think that is)

Edit, whoops, didnt mean to post this shit in here…

i’m not saying you should never do the infinite, just that sometimes you should just kill them , if they have like 15% why do infinite to kill them, just do shockwave or whatever, whats the point. especially if its to win the game or whatever, and its close. and yes it would be nice if people didn’t mess up combos and stuff, but it happens, sometimes its not worth the risk, atleast in tournament. i’m not sure how good snapping in the assist is, sometimes killing storm or whatever would just be better.

just like previously said there is a time and place for the infinite, for example if you know that an infinite is going to kill the last character on a team it would be retarded for you to do the infinite.
But if there are more characters coming in you should save your bars, whenever possible. Saving bars is better, the infinite will save you bars, and will most likely take them to the corner setting up a guard brake and building bar.


However, i disagree about only doing shockwave combos but thats just preference.

they are getting meter just like you are, so make sure you dont get hit by that cable with 5 meters.

i wasn’t saying do shockwave combo every single time, but that is should be used sometimes, now all people do now basically is infininte and reset.

Infinite, if done correctly into unmashable= dead team if execution is PERFECT. Shockwave= half life into good set-ups. Take your pick both win. I would only reccomend doing shockwaves if you can’t do the 100% combo’s or you have them down to half life already(and you want them closer to the corner)

Nobody’s execution is perfect so take your pick.

Magneto is all style. If your style is doing a c.fp into shockwave which is scrub shit or doing ad df+lk,lk s.Rhcancel into shockwave do it.

The point is is when you actually get a combo off on someone who is using a really good keep away of cable/sent or sent/capcom it’s hard to get it, I should know it’s really annoying but once you finally get in the point is to kill them. Doing the infinite adds 40 hits into what I do is either Rh+cyclops aaa in the corner into hailstorm.

If you do the shockwave combo that means your going to have to get in 2 maybe more times to finish off a cable who has a perfect DHC into HSF in which he can heal and come back. I love snapping in the weak AAA because like mixup says mags has a easy guard break into whatever you want to do. Alot of teams once they lose there AAA it’s alot easier to beat them. But some teams like storm/sent/capcom if you snap in capcom and kill him storm/sent is still a bitch.

The point is to get the most damage off of someone, with one combo. Take advantage of your combo opportunity to the fullest, or just do what you want.