Sent vs. Cable

This match is destroying me, maybe its because I dont have unfly down. I get hyper beamed all the time when I’ve got him in the corner and going nuts on stomps. How do you remember when your in unfly and fly mode?

Stating your team helps. Sent has a great chance solo, but it’s easier to analyze the matchup knowing who you have on assist.

I concur, without submitting the teams it’s hard to give an analysis.

If you get hit out of flight, you’re in un-fly mode. As long as you don’t normal jump, you’re in un-fly mode. After you use un-fly 4 - 7 times, it will disapear, so after 4 you need to be thinking it’s either disapeared or is about to disapear.

unfly randomly ends. I’ve seen go away after 1 and i’ve seen it last for 20 unflies. Seriously, 20 unflies.

It does what it wants.

sent vs cable

im going to just sent/cap vs cable/sent/cap

how to know about unfly: unfly is when you get hit and dont land on your back (so all flying screens will put you on your back and you will not gain unfly)

expect your unfly to last about 7-8 times, and you can always extend it by using f.lp/, f.fp chains (should give you an extra 3-5)

how to deal with cables: im just going to list simple mistakes often made by non-high level cables

normal jumping grenades: s.fp, hsf that shit for the win

jumping around doing normals for no reason: land a sj.lp and fast fly for half life

doing the s.fp+drones then pscimtar pattern: sj from the s.fp, fly towards him which baits pscimtar, fly back to dodge, then fly forward and f.rh, unfly rh to combo of your choice

jumping doing no smart normals in sj territory: sj and airthrow him, and try to get to fast fly, hard but a great way to half life a cable

baiting cable out of his meter: anything with fly and unfly close to the ground, for example, if you have unfly, you can c.fp or s.fp and fly and unfly quick enough to where he can’t beam you…cable vs sentinel always gets better when cable has less meter, there are many ways to bait meter though, look for them!

another tip is to blast their assist with capcom or just something that sends cable’s assist into the air for awhile, this gives you the pivitol 1-2 second opening you need to fly around all that shit he throws, basically, now cable has to lock your sentinel down without the help of an assist, it makes his job tougher

you can also let him have free ahvb’s on assist, lets say cable has 2 meters, call storm or capcom out, and see if he will waste his meter on them (2 meters shouldn’t kill your somewhat full assist). if you do this though, you are basically saying your going to win the sent vs cable battle, you have to be very patient to not get hit since you are sacrificing somebody else. some may say screw this, i find this to be good though sometimes as a smart cable player probably wont waste all of his beams on sentinel due to the slantedness of the fight, he will maybe beam capcom once and save the other beam and continue to build meter with lockdown patterns.

i guess everyone has to find their own strats, but i hope this helps everyone fight cable =) i hate that bastat

watch out vs cracked out cables who get 90%+ with 2 bars

row is silly

or just pick someone crazy fast. i’ve always had success vs cable with magneto, and not so much with sent. he’s just so large, always gets shot. unless you’re playing row’s cable, then you’re screwed no matter who you pick.

try to stay on top of cable… unless he has capcom assist… try to bait it out and counter call.

CABLE owns sentinel cause he does what everyone hates -

Getting SHOT!!


your talking about on assist right? not sent!! o.0 if so i need to know things =)

it’s random between 4 and 5 dude…

if you saw it end after 1, it’s because they normal jumped or teched a throw.

if you saw after 20, it’s because they did that gay unfly extension bullshit with lk, hp



The fuck? Seriously, since when did this change? Last I checked, what I said was right.

how come when I mention it, i’m a douche who doesn’t play marvel. Yet, when mixup answers it, you bow down and accept that its right.

you should spend more time playing marvel rather than trying to rip my post apart if you don’t know how things work.

just because i’m not a top player doesn’t mean I don’t know what i’m talking about.

if mixup said it first, and you said it second, the hands would be the other way around. has nothing to do with you. it was a matter of having a second opinion. I still want to know when the unfly thing changed. last i recall, there was an article on SRK stating what I said was correct.

and… no, i’m not going to spend more time playing marvel.

that thread, first post bottom.

However, unfly will last 99 seconds if you don’t burn it and unfly has the potential to last for more than 5 reps. On occasion if you sit in training mode long enough and practice unfly, it’ll go for a while. 15-20 sometimes and mixup has told me he’s seen it go past that.

you shouldn’t believe everything you read unless you test it for yourself. Even if wong wrote that last post, I would of went to training mode to test it out.

I had no idea there was a timer on it or a frequency adjustment.
Thanks for the clarification.

EDIT: i did test it, although not 100% extensively.

its 13 unflys and unflys get used up when you use moves not when you conserve them.

I know the basics but some of your terms is over my head like extending the unfly with with lk, hp and sj.lp is this a throw?

I guess I’m forgetting to unfly, I’ll be flying around and forgetting cable can AHVB my ass.

One last question, you basically have to fly around once you have unfly the whole time and you cant normal jump or you lose it. So what determines, how long you will decide to just fly around and unfly the whole game? Why do you see a flying sent in every video? or maybe I just need to watch more videos.