Sent vs. Cable

you dont have to fly around all the tih ame with sentinel,yoou can just sj and block sometimes…although it wont get you TOO far with a good cable on your ass. the reason you see sentinel flying in videos is cause that is his most mobile state.

nobody really knows how long unnfly actually lasts…its pretty random n can’t put an exact number on it

people shouldn’t forget about sentinels, j.rh as a pretty quick overhead! although i wouldn’t recommend this on cable unless you just willing to take that risk to get that hit =) it can lead to half life =0

Well one thing a lot of new sent players forget is if cable super jumps wave dash hell over close to him then just sj. whatever and just stay above him from there. Its a common mistake for a sent player to try flying up to cable which is ok as long as cable has no meter. Then you can usually fly under/over sj.bullets

I used to fear cable when i had sent but you just gotta know the opennings i guess

If he jumps up like a dumbass and throws a naked grenade while you’re nearby, jump fp that shit

like it was said already, you don’t always have to turn on fly mode, you can do sj short or sj jab and fish for a ff or just block

if you know you’ve got unfly, you can do things like stomp stomp, then fly forward and unfly. what happens is either cable calls his assist and tries to zap you, or he thinks he’s under you and tries to jump jab you. If he goes for the jump jab, unless he cancels his jumping path with a nade or something, he’ll be in the sky and you’ll be on the ground - that’s kinda where you want to be [unless you get hit with a ahvb]

baiting the pushblock with stomps is funny, but cable/cap makes it hard to do it

fly over somebody’s head in the corner, f.fp (they expect f.rh so they pushblock aka dash backwards), unfly fp = combo of death xD

in the A we call that the double hat =) very funny stuff