Sent vs Mag


Help me. I play team scrub. The only way I can beat magneto is to not get hit. If I do, in comes mr. commando. So, how do you avoid getting hit?

Usually I face Mag/ Sentinel projectile or Mag/Psy.

So far, I’ve learned that flying in against Mag/Psy is a bad idea because Psylocke comes out fast and thats a free infinite.

And agaist Mag/Sent projectile Magneto will often call Sentinel to punish my commando while superjumping, leaving me with no way to safely punish his sentinel back.

In general I try to shoot laser, stomp a bit, call out commando, etc… But… i don’t do that against Mag/Psy because I usually wind up getting hit by psylocke.

So advice pls. thx

Usually what I try to do in that situation is to bait the assist. I would worry about how to block Mag’s rush down than how to get him though.

You can do a c.f then cancel into fly then go back and forth and try to bait the assist. If it’s baited sucessful, punish it to death.

mag shit

dont just run from mag. i mean attack sometimes too. Use your laser to block stun mag and go in and lk, rh, then dash back. Also dont use your commando so random. Call capcom only when you really need him because you call him too random you leave your self open with no help support.

You’re talking about me aren’t u fishjie -_-

I would try to stay on the ground when you’re playing against Magneto. Being in unfly mode helps a lot and if you call out an assist, always cover your assist (don’t superjump right after you call assist, if you’re flying, stomp when I call out Sentinel). One hit from Magneto = snap out so you have to be really careful on your blocking. If I tries to rush you down, the best way is to normal jump up/back so I can’t cross you up as easy.

if he nj’s back tho you can still guard break him. against mag+sent/psy ill spit and fc a few times if the mag is weak and is just looking to get a free combo off psy from you coming in. so just spit and do some flight on/off, like folken001 said just bait the assist by flying in and out then counter assist, if you get mag in stun go for some chippage or something. another thing is to zone mag, if you just fly low and spit a couple times til he jumps, then fly back and fp if hes close, usually eating a couple of those might make em sit for a sec so you can chip em.
also, use cc sparingly, only in combos or when mag sjs so he cant punish him. if you go for a stomp rush on mag/psy your askin for a snap lol

lol this game is definitely sentinel’s. learn how to unfly and then fly again quickly just incase u dont have unfly. stay away, not too far, in your reach but out of mag’s reach. poke, react quickly, RP dat shit, commando assist then its over. GGPO msp.

lol I heard that shit!

this game is definitely sentinel’s.

sent vs mag should allways win (IMO)only if you have a fast and

beastly sentinel… :wow: :wow: :wow: ouch

only rush if you have supers to save you from any mishaps. take advantge if mags gets in the corner, theres not too much he can do with a sentinel that has a good assist. other then that, do what sent does best and zone/keep away

magneto gives sentinel all kinds of problems, this is a pretty nasty fight for both of them…

depends on both players though. more or less. i’d give this game to sent (since he’s using sent/cc - its a pretty tough team against mag IMO)