Sent vs Sent Tactics

I don’t usually play against another Sent with my Sent until recently and I found out I am really reluctant to do anything against a flying Sent. If both Sents are packing CapCom and flying half screen from each other, how do you approach this fight?

So far the only thing that’s seen some success is manuvering my Sent on top and try to land a short, short, RP. I tried unfly, wavedash on the ground to get right below the Sent and superjump and fry pan him down but that’s risky because of the AAA, superjump jab works good but the reach isn’t as good and sometimes in order to get the jab to hit, you risk superjumping into stomps.

How do you guys play Sent vs Sent matches? Teams I use is Sent/Storm/CapCom against Sent/Cable/CapCom in that order. Any pointer would be great, thanks.

[RE] Sent vs Sent Tactics

:bluu:? The only advice i can give you is that. If your goin Sent Vs fly Sent the only real thing u can do to avoid getting stomped is to use Sents distant arsonal ie. Drones or diaganal rocket puches. But if you insist on using a strat to fly over your apponent best thing to do is try to keep a good enough distance and sent a few downward/forward rocket punches to keep him grounded. Once grounded stomp the tar out of him to let him know that you know what hes trying to do so he’ll be forced to change his strat around :evil:. More then likly his new strat isnt going to work as well as the one he was using but he’ll make attempts to fly over you again so just keep a good look out on wat hes going to do.

Now if he decides to pull out Sent and bring in Cable all i can say is your screwed simple as that. The only thing u can do is counter this action with a differnt Character in your case would be along the grounds of storm if not CapCom as a key Character against Cable. But thats all i really can give you but try it out it might work to your advantage:D

“Welcome to the Rocket Punch championships.” - Joe Zaza in re to Sent v. Sent

This is the most retarded fight in the game, IMO. When you fight another Sentinel with your own, it’s a matter of what they do. If they don’t fly, it’s pretty damn easy, if you can fly and get over their head first it’s pretty hard for them to get away. If they superjump around, you should do it towards them and see if you can get them to stick anything out - if they do, frying pan or roundhouse it then start to fly. If you’re both flying, it gets pretty gay. You have to fly around and try to predict what they’re going to do, and if all else fails rocket punch - however, you can get baited into doing this and fucked up for it. Try retracted rocket punches to counterbait then smack the opponent down with Commando when they get close. Overall, flying Sentinels is pretty fucking queer, though, but there’s really nothing you can do to get out of it.

If he’s flying anywhere near where you can sj.LK, fly, sj.LK+sj.FP, Rocket Punch, do it. Believe me, it works…A LOT.

Thanks for the replies, I agree this match is very dumb, we’re both reluctant to call our assist first, so you see a whole lot of just two Sents flying around each other, occationally hitting a short or something. Superjump short is fast but since it hits pretty low, every time I try that it doesn’t hit if he just flies up, and then I eat a stomp or a CapCom into short, RP. I thought Cable vs Cable is dumb, right now Sent on Sent is starting to take over.

Overall, flying Sentinels is pretty fucking queer, though, but there’s really nothing you can do to get out of it.

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Yea, try and bait out his commando if you can then rush down asap and home (s)he doesn’t predict your move. If you have commando, try and tag him. Of course, it’s never that easy when you’re actually playing.

it works but sometimes u get baited into doin a lk then u eat a 50% combo wid sent/capcom…that fucking hurts

I’m sorry, but Cable vs. Cable will always be the dumbest mirror match of all.

Cable doesn’t even count - Cable vs. anyone is the most boring match of all. I play a Morrigan/Sent|SilSam/TBonne team, and yesterday was spent at the arcade repeatedly killing the first ‘battery’ character (with an average 20% life damage to Morrigan), and then watching as they attempted Cable run-away for the f*cking lame rest of the match, even though they’re losing (and did lose, since they stupidly ran away when they were a full character behind).

Sentinel is hellaciously boring in lock-down stomp-down too, but it’s not the boring run-away/keep-away sh*t Cable plays. Sentinel is only as boring as you play him.

When faced with Sent vs Sent, I usually keep Frying Pan and Fly on stand-by, and likewise with either AAA or Projectile assist. If you can block the CapCom assist with Sentinel and then TBonne his CapCom, you can get him away from the general Sent/CapCom pindown strategies. Usually, block CapCom, low jump, TBonne assist, Frying Pan works well. Frying Pan trades hits with the Sentinel attacking to cover CapCom, and TBonne eats a nice big chunk of CapCom.

Actually, I like Cable vs. Cable… it makes MvC2 feel like an old Vs. game again and I can practice my “random low short” skills. Plus of course if they do anything dumb in front of me, zap.

How about storm vs storm, I hate that fight, it’s mostly all about hail storms and running away, especialy when it’s storm/sentinel/aaa vs storm/sentinel/aaa, you don’t wanna run into hks or aaas, or else, your storm will die so quickely :bluu:

For flying sent vs flying sent, i try to fight for that spot between forward RP and Down RP…

sent vs sent isnt that ghey. it’s also a really important match to know how to fight.

What if the match-up is Sent/Capcom vs Sent/Cyke. Who would be at a disadvantage? Sent/Cyke since it isn’t as far reaching as Capcom’s AAA? Or Sent/Capcom since Cyke can outpriotize anything Sent/Capcom can throw?

Damage wise, Commando will be better. Defensive wise, Cyke wins hands down. Cyke will ONLY win a trade off battle when he’s called either before or when Commando fully comes out. If the other guy’s calling Cyke randomly for protection, just use Commando to hit him. If you’re playing a high flying Sentinel match, you will win if you have Sent/Commando, because Cyke’s only vertical weapon is the little eyebeam (which can be avoided easily) and if you want to just counter that, call Commando, the corridor will eat up the beam and hit Sentinel, leaving you with the offensive advantage.

Otherwise, the smart Sent/Cyke player is patient, uses Cyke to punish Commando and possibly hit Sent with it and get free combos.

Yeah I agree with you Geekboy. Mostly people get careless with Sent/Commando… like Sent just flys/super jumps and calls Commando. Or just randomly call Commando. Sent/Cyke IMO can interrupt a lot of shit but they have to be playing a waiting game while Sent/Capcom is all stomp/AAA shit. But still… I think Sent/Cyke is better cuz if you lose Sent you still have Cykes. I don’t know I guess it’s just me since most people view Sent/Capcom as the ultimate pair kinda like Mag/Psy.

Sent/capcom IS the ultimate pair:o there is no question overall, it’s better. vs mag/doom though:wasted:

i love storm/storm battles, if the other storm is in the air running away, do sj.hp ad d/b sj.hp to build meter, i think it builds meter quicker than runaway if done right, plus you can call your AAA while you’re on the ground sj.hp ad d/f - d/b sj.hp’ing, call that AAA out, building even more meter and you have a chance to atleast take her down or put her in blockstun to put the game in your advantage. if she gets put in blockstun, sj up there and throw her, yay

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