sent vs storm

ok…im tryna get my sent better cuz right now he sucks ass, after today gaming with my boy 50morecents we came to the conclusion my sent cant fight storm…this is one on one btw, but strats with assits are welcomed too, when storm starts rushing me down with fierces man, i get caught in the infinite so easily, i mean i rather fight magneto:eek:

I try to zone her out and keep her trapped on the floor but i have problems doing that, she gets in on me too easity, any patterns to keep this bitch at bay? she also out priorities me in the air, i mean i juss dont know how to zone her out with my sent…help plz:(

s.fp spitfly owns storm up hard on the ground…this makes the fight take to the air. This is VERY good for a sent/cap, but ur sayin one on one…well, even still, sent’s f.fp beats out everything if angles are right…this fight depends upon who gets the right angles and is more patient…im actually starting to think storm vs sent is in sent’s favor if storm doesn’t have sentinel behind her for the dhc

OH YEAH:lol: :lol:

How the hell do you get hit by her fierces? That shit is slow as hell (sj. fierce, ad d/f fierce I assume). Just pushblock the first one and s. fp, fly, unfly that bitch. If she comes at you in the air, just frying pan her, unfly, or get the hell away. Don’t risk getting hit by LA xx LS. Storm can’t beat a smart Sent 1v1.

i think it is in sentinel’s favor…but storm can win man…she has good tools…which become even greater on sentinel

and just pushblockin the first fp doesn’t get u away

and i usually come straight down on him btw

yeah then i get infinited lol its like im playin a magneto:( …but worse

It’s 50/50. It also depends on the players.

thank you for your strategies oh great wanderer:rolleyes:

I think my strats are bad.

play sent. blackheart and cap

you should kill the bitch with that team