Sent/XX vs. Cable & his ghetto traps



well, I’ve reading left and right that sent’s matchup against cable is in sent’s favor[for like the past year]… yet, I still have at least an uphill battle against Cable/assist. [I’ve decided to ]Whats the best pair that sent has against cable? and wtf should* I be doing against ghetto trapping w/ random shit on the screen?

c.fp, fly unfly is an option, but generally I have cable jumping around shooting and shit, so timing a safe one is hard and becomes unreliable.

ehh… I’ll sleep on what else is I can think is feasable…


yesterday i played my friend using Sent. Cable aa and Doom aa
what i do is stay really close he had only Cable/Doom aa and i would do a low hp with sent fly close enough so he’d block my flying Lk and at the same time call Doom then cancel fly and sj to the other side if he jumped i’d press hk if he was under me and hp if in front. Sent vs Cable/Doom just stay close and sj i dont know what to do against Cable/Cycke aa Cable/Commando aa or Cable/Psy aa cuz they go thru my Doom so i tend to use this team now.
Sent. IronMan aa, and Cycke aa


Same here.


Thats all well and true guys cause even tron helps it might not be an anti-air but if your dealing with a good Cable one great push block tron tiger knee etc you will have to reset your whole rush down.:lame:


i play alot of sent cyc aginst cable. and just keep in cables face w/ wave dashes. get above cable and wait for cable to sj. and then inline underneath and throw cause cable is usually on the wall aginst sent. after throw do the lk+cyke, hp, (lp)rp, fly up lk, rp. that shit HURTS!