Hey! If you may not have heard, I’m trying to hold a donation drive to help me get to EVO. Everything’s in the link. Things to note: I’m going to give away any and all money I earn through the tournament and MM’s to people who help spread the word about this. Secondly, I’m going to be giving away Bead Art necklaces based on the Skullgirls characters.

Those are the sprites I’ll be using. I’ll be sending those necklaces to everyone who donated for them, even if I don’t make it. If you and two other people donated enough, so I end up getting nowhere near my goal, you end up keeping your money (cause it’s fixed funding) and I’ll still send you any Bead Necklaces you donated for, as appreciation for donating at all.

I was at ECT5, if you want to see me play in person, and there’s a MM I had with OmnisScythe there up on the IGG page’s gallery. I think I really could bring a lot of excitement to EVO, and would strictly be doing it out of love for the game. So, if you donate, thank you so much. If you don’t, could you spread the word?


A lot of people have said that they’ll throw some money towards this near the end of the drive - I think they’re just waiting for others to get the ball rolling.

To those people, I say donate now anyway! Worst case scenario, Zid doesn’t get all the money he needs and you get a full refund anyway!


Someone’s waiting for something, but I have no idea why…

Also, might as well post it here as well. The first bead art was finished. Here it is.


And I’d like to reiterate, if you donate for a necklace or two, you get not only a refund, but I’m still sending the necklace(s) to you. I really thought that’d be a pretty cool incentive.


4 days remaining. If anyone wants to donate, remember that you are getting a bead necklace if you donate for it even if I don’t reach the goal. So, donate $75, get two necklaces, I don’t reach my goal, you have both your money and the necklaces. Of course, I’m going to use the money if I reach the goal, but aside from that, you can only benefit from donating. There is $165 there so far, a little over 1/5th of what I need.

Also, my selling point is the Skullgirls necklaces, but I could also probably make any of the other 8-bit versions of fighting game characters out there.


We at $378!

New thread on skullheart.


Not sure how many people here were paying attention, but I’ve been funded! The total is at $785 right now. You can still donate, for perks, but I’m basically going.

I also made a Scythana bead thing.