Sentinaaallll11! money matches

Jon Sindel aka Sentinalllll11!!!, you can find some of his matches on zach’s sight, just came back from sabatical in Brazil and Indonesia. He’s currently presiding in Alaska drilling for oil but he just got ahold of me on the Motorola Satellite phone and told me to set up some money matches for him at Evo. If he has enough money matches set up to cover his plane ticket (from Anchorage, Alaska mind you), he’ll come to evo.

I’ll be his manager and he has given me full authority to make and accept or deny any bets on his behalf.

Let the challenge begin. 2/3 5, 3/5 10, 4/7 20, ft7 50, ft10 100 will be accepted, depending on challenger. Other variations will also be up for consideration. If you have a question just ask.

So far I have:
Mike Boss 4/7 20
Potts 4/7 20
Chunk ft7 50
Ruin ft5 50
J360 4/7 20
Vercette 3/5 10
Asian Demon 3/5 10
Illan ft7 50
Remix ft5 50

Can I up my bet and give this guy the org treatment?

I wanna play ft10 for 100 =]

Pott’s, 4/7 20, maybe ft7 50 no 100.

Chunk, same deal. def 4/7 20, maybe ft7 50, no 100.

Hey Shoultzula, just wondering…is it just me or did some of your posts get deleted? Earlier today I saw you placing a side bet saying “I got $40 on Sindel over Chunk in the first to 7”. I don’t see it anymore. Kinda weird, 'cause now all of my bets and side bets are disappearing without my authority…:confused:

^-- It looks like the vBulletin database got reset pretty hard. Stuff’s screwy everywhere.

EDIT: Announcement about that was here.

you dont know? he thought about it deeply… and even wrote it down and read it over and over… and after a bit he decided on backing out of the bet and deleted his post.

jk SRK is screwly


srk went down and wizard said that posts after a certain time were deleted but i’ll post it back up.:lovin:

side bet: sindel for 40$ over chunk

ill put 40 on my nigga chunk

J360!!! I put my money on chunk first!! fuck!!! god damn forum restore bullshit. lolol

yo, i still got $40 on cunk over sindel.


was that a question?

lol, sup killa

3/5 for 10 cuz I owe him a beating for the last tourey I played him in… nuffin but luv tho (no homo)

im down… ft7 for 50

illan u still owe me my money from evo hahahah <3 u said u needed change and i never saw u again :(!!!

tell jon 3/5 $10

ruin, i apologize about that, you will definately get your money when I see you. Thats unless you wanna run it back ; )

hahah no worries man, I never thought “FUCK HE SCAMMED ME” i mean it’s not that big of a deal but we will def run it back my friend :]

oh yeah and do u have a team mate for the marvel team tourney? I dont have one and lookin

blazin, ft 10 $100