Sentinal corner infinite

Exactly how do you do it? i kno you need unfly mode but i’m not exactly sure how you do it. can someone please post how you do it here, that would be nice.:smiley:

Its: launch, sj, lk, [fast fly, lk, hp, unfly, lk].

I can only do like 2 or 3 reps. :frowning:

I thought you were supposed to put a throw in there every now and then.

you cannot do much more than that…
after 4 or 5 unflies, you lose unfly mode…

Is 4 -5 reps enough to kill the opponent?

is it corner only?

Sentinel does have an infinite in the corner but it’s hard as fuck and not practical in anyway.

In corner (no unfly needed): launch, sj.lp, sj.lp, fly, sj. lp, sj.lp, unfly, fly, sj.lp, sj.lp… , keep repeating the part in italic.

Other than that, Sent does not have any other infinite, just long corner combos with unfly mode.

There was a thread about this… even if u run out of unfly, you can still do a lk after a lk, fp string. I’ve tried this myself and it does work… but you can only run out of unfly the technical way for it to work. You can’t get smacked to the ground or normal jump out of it, otherwise the short won’t come out. So, the semi-infinite may be a real infinite after all. :slight_smile:

After the 2nd rep or so, it pretty much does no damage, this combo is primarily done for show, might be some kinda meter building strategy behind it, but its kinda risky.

The basic Sent corner combo is enough to kill an oponent.

s. fk, sj magic series, dp rp, fp, fk, land, pause a split second, c. fp (unblockable) rp, hsf, s. fk, air combo again and win

Does the

s. fk, sj lk, [ff lk, fp, unfly, lk]

work from midscren? if so how many times can you catch em with it?

No, reason being is because of the f.fp knock’s the opponent to the ground or way to far out of rage for the to get close enough to land the only practical way to do that is not to use f.fp but but even that wont work i think

Actually, launch,, fly,, sj.fp, unfly, does connect midscreen, just gotta be really close to the opponent and fast fly forward (up/forward, down/forward depending on your position).

…and you can only get one rep. midscreen.