Sentinel balance changes?

I was looking at the Official 2013 FeedBack thread and the recent news, and someone had suggested the Individual character forums try to work out changes and then get it together for one official document. I figured that I would try to start it out with Sentinel and a few changes. I’ll add and remove things as they are discussed.

Sentinel Changes:
-Higher Health (flat 1 mill? I think Vanilla Levels would be ridiculous)
-Fix how people drop out of Hard Drive.
-Knock Flight startup down a frame or two
-a wee bit more range on Human Catapult?
-Armor on Jumping H and/or Jumping S?

it makes no sense that wolverine has more health than sentinel. we all understand why his health was dropped, but it doesn’t fit the character at all. his health should be increased to 1.1 million or at least 1.05 million. it won’t unbalance him. it’ll allow him to exist inbetween being what he’s supposed to be as a character while retaining his weaknesses.
ORIGINAL ROCKET PUNCH HITSTUN. that should’ve never been nerfed for reasons that i won’t go into here. beyond that, how do people feel about rocket punch L (and assist) hitting low?
i’d also like to see sentinel get a BASTION inspired alternate that’s black and purple.


something tells me this was actually considered, but didn’t make the final cut because of content limitations. his nimrod alternate could use some improving as well. that pink is not pink enough.

-original Rocket Punch all together (range, hit stun, recovery, ect.)
-faster movement while in fly
-decreased fly recovery
-higher health (at least a million)
-remove invisible wall