Sentinel Beating up Cable

A difficult match-up for me, anyone have suggestions?

Best idea I got is ground-dashing and using Super Jump Roundhouses.

On a side note, I know that unfly has to be achieved, but what about “Fast Fly”? Is Fast Fly always “on”?

No fast fly isnt always on. Best strat agains cable with sent is rushdown. j. (hold up/fwrd)+fk+capcom, Lp.rocket punch, thats half of cable right there (if he blocks low). But mainly just dont give cable a chance to get away from you, and when you catch him sLippiN Knock him the fuck ouT:lol: .

…i like waitin’ for people to fuck up wit cable by doin’ a AHVB too high. wen hes done shootin’, hit em wit a FP then HSF…
combofied is so right. rush em (watchin out for his/her commando or whoever…) and cable is pretty much history (not that i hate cable…):smiley:

…tip to the wise…don’t wait for cable to do an ahvb too high…that shit is just not solid

well yeah dont wait for it…i know that. im jus saying thats a good oppourtunity to kill em’. alot of people i see play against cable never take advantage of things like that because they are scared of him…

lmao yep that’s about right. I was wonderin if anyone else goes for grabs like I do. Most cables just block on the way down from jumps and if you catch them with a grab, you can often follow up with more, if you’re timing is good.

And what do you guys think about sacrificing unfly by regular jumping forward while calling anti-air assist when they are:

  1. shooting gun on the ground while calling assist
  2. superjumping to shoot and throw grenade
  3. regular jumping and shooting gun while calling assist

eh I don’t know, I prefer matching my BH against Cable when it all comes down to it :bluu:

Re: Re: Sentinel Beating up Cable

1 maybe, 2 and 3 hell no

Its Been a while… I got my ass kicked by some asian guy w/ an afro at mgl, ya he was good n all but I should’ve beaten him. Its been about a year, Ill get it back in a couple a weeX.:cool:

Play Safe With Sentinel Against Cable when he has supers, if he has no supers BEAT HIS ASS THE FUCK DOWN:cool: :evil:


… Ortiz pwnZ ALeX:rolleyes:

the guy in the fro is rommel… and btw combofied… you play at MGL? i dont recall seeing you there before :bluu:

In case ur wonderin… im rom’s friend… tall vietnamese guy using sent/magneto/commando

btw… why dont you come by MGL sumtime? i wanna play u, and so does rom and my other buds

… alex pwns ortiz :rolleyes: :smiley:

o_O? we got another player at mgl?

Ill come through asap, its just milpitas is far for me. im in campbell so transPortation is a problem. Ortiz is hella stuck up. de sousa pwns ortiz anyday, <— juss teasin. I guess you could say you got another mvc2 playa, but Id be there rarely. :smiley: Im always at canden & branham at the nickel city, cvs2 is aight but marvel there sux ballz. you guys should come buy, I plan on fixin the other machine (theres 2).

that sounds pretty dope man… i might head up there sumtime wit sum of my mvc2 folks :smiley:

btw… on wut days do your local players play around there?

fri & sat… you should stop by

hey dude… my phone contract recently expired, so my number doesnt work anymore… anyways, wut time on friday and saturday are u guys playin?