Sentinel Beginner's thread

Wee, hopefully more experienced Sent players won’t mind helping out scrubs like myself who have a million questions even after reading all the different threads.

One of my main questions is that, what are the respected strengths/weaknesses of having Captain Commando AAA, or Cyclops AAA. I’ve gone from using Santhrax to Matrix, and I’m heavily considering going back to Santhrax. I find the Sent/Capcom basic fly combo (, /, lk, fast fly, lk+CapCom AAA, hp, DP RP) leaps and bounds easier than with Cyke. To be honest, I’m not sure on the Cyke combo, but I’ve used the same as the CapCom combo, as well as AAA /, hp, RP.

Also, when you unfly, do you have to return to neutral and hold back? Someone mentioned to me that if you simply did unfly and held back to block from the qcb, it takes longer.

Help versus Cable would be greatly appreciated as well, along with what to do versus other Sents, and dealing with Sent/BH traps that sucky people like me still can’t beat :frowning: