What weaknesses does this team have aside from commando sucking on point? This is perhaps the most versatile team but requires knowledge and expertise to be used correctly. Too often I see scrubs messing up with this team and I guess thats why it has the reputation of being a scrub team.


i see this team as one of the best set ups a cable could have. he is a major threat with these two assists backing him and after you deal with cable you still have sentinel and capcom to deal with. it doesn’t have a real big weakness and is one of the best keep away teams there is.


Starting off with cable I find is almost always a bad idea especially against magneto, yet i still see people doing it a lot. Unless you absoultely can guarantee that you’re cable is going to smoke the other player’s point char, it just makes no sense. I prefer to start off with sentinel 95% of the time (even against another cable player) for the reasons I’m gonna list below:

Sentinel’s only really lopsided matchup is against cable (see #5). Sentinel can whoop every other char’s ass without breaking a sweat especially with commando as an assist. I’ve had so many games where sentinel did all the work i didn’t even have to tag out.

I’ve heard rumors about how guile can beat sentinel, i don’t believe it. Sentinel played correctly has the match fought on his terms.

With sentinel you got a very high priority attack when match starts for an instant 30-40% damage.

Sentinel can take the hits and build the meter up and still have a good amount of health for end game.

If sentinel starts getting locked down and chipped by cheap players you have the option to counter into cable and AHVB for mad damage (Very risky if you miss the AHVB though!)

Even against cable, play patient get a few good stomps and if possible link it to more deadly stuff to take cable’s health down way fast. Once cable reaches a critical low in health, thats when people start getting nervous. Sentinel has the ability to chip away that last bit of remaining health. By playing exactly the same, the pressure is on them to get cable out before losing their main threat. They gotta waste 2 levels to bail cable out or run the risk of losing cable or eating a nasty combo by not tagging out safely.

If you’re getting owned, chances are by eating a few AHVB’s guess what, your sentinel lost about 60% of his life but his cable has 0 levels and hopefully lost some health your cable probably has at least 3 and full health. It’s time for payback!


I play with this team, and the people i play against that start cable first usually has storm 2nd. What do I do about that?




use commando for all of his worth.:evil:


either be real patient or be real anoyying with comando, use sent instead of cable. … . … . . … .

in other words, beat cable with cable … then tag sent in and use commndo and sent.

remember if the bitch decides to typhoon into hail on sent and you block it, you can counter ahvb her at the typhoon and nail her before hail starts up. thats a pretty way to take the bitch down.


that’s TIGHT! ! I never thought about that before. Does it make a difference how early or late you counter? I mean have you tested countering at the start and the end of the typhoon to see if Cable gets hit?


hey cable against mag is not a bad idea just have capcom as AA and just keep away from him and also start taking block damage works for me and also have u ever done where bring out capcom as assist out and when he hits mag or anybody else do the FHVB and that should fuck them over well thats if they fall for it i think if u know how to use that team it can be really effective


actually it is pretty picky about it. if you’ll notice how there is 3 sections to the typhoon, and they get larger each one down, you have to counter off of the last (biggest too) part. other wise if you counter off of the one of the others, the next one in size will get you because normally when you counter something it is either the last hit of a beam or a 1 hit projectile, that the first charachter blocks to counter cable in with. typhoons never go away so you can actually block the first 3 of the 4 hits in a typhoon and counter cable right into the next/last hit of it because it is stil there. you have to counter the last hit of it.


I disagree with starting with cable against magneto when you got sentinel. First of all, it’s practically a gamble when match starts because magneto I believe has more priority and can combo off of any weak hit. I’ve tried jumping back when match starts and I get hit a lot. Sentinel can always jump back safely though. Oh yeah, and at least sentinel has super armor.

Even if you do survive the initial 5 seconds, all of cable’s good moves can’t be used against magneto because he can jump over and behind cable. Basically you’re gonna have to be doing a lot of pistol and grenades and other low-lag moves which really don’t do any chipping damage so magneto can just take his time until your timing is off get close and start pulling off some crossups.

Basically magneto has 3 ways to attack cable up close, he can fake a triangle jump and hit you high on the side you’re facing, he can triangle jump hit you from behind so you gotta move joystick to other side or he can wavedash and hit you low. It’s hard to concentrate when at the same time you gotta worry about his psylock assist. If you try to get smart and jump back he can dash behind you and time can hit you as you land if you don’t block the right direction.

Lastly, its very hard to punish any of magneto’s assist because you gotta catch them with magneto which doesn’t happen if he plays right.

If anyone knows some strategies against this matchup, i’d like to know in case that situation ever arises, not by choice though.


putting sentinel on cable on purpose is not a good idea… if you are going to do that… fuck being patient, you need to corner and stomp cable to death, once you get full screen away you’re going to die with sentinel


Having Magneto problems with Cable? Call assist and throw grenades. It works better than you think.


This is TRUE!

I’ve seen it before!

I saw Mixup playing Cable/Sent/Cyc vs DBS (3rd at FR6) Magneto/Storm/Sent awhile back, and Mixup totally ZONED Magneto out.

If you can predict where Magneto is going to go, then Cable has the tools to cover that area and chip you at the sametime.

But make sure you switch out CapCom for Cyc. :sweat:


yeah i shot that nikka:D :stuck_out_tongue: