Sentinel chip damage question?

lets say u have sent,storm,cyclops.
and u have 3 supers and u wanna chip down your opponent,
i seen somone send out the bombs, then do a super, then switch into storms super, then cyclops’s. and at the end of all the supers the drones hit ???
i tried it a few times but the drones always miss my other character… could somone explain 2 me how this si done thx…

i dont know if that is possible but if it is possible they most likely did

QCF + HK and held HK down and then did HSF XX hail Storm XX MOB

no no

what you need to do is this

qcf+hk(hold hk) xx qcf+2p(plasma Ball super), Dhc Hail Storm(qcb+2p), Dhc MOB(qcf+2p)

watch this video at about 7:26


sanford misses a lightning attack xx LS so then he

dhc’s to sent, spit, hk drones (hold) xx plasma ball xx hail

at the end of the hail the drones drop on him and he calls drones again + typhoon which looks pretty damn hard to get out of.

How long do you need to hold hk for the bombs?

wow… I have no idea how he did that.

thing is, as far as I can tell, you can’t cancel hk drones until the instant they open their little bay doors. which means that you can either just lightly tap HK and have them start dropping immediately, and cancel immediately, or you hold HK and they drop the bombs far, canceling late. How he managed to cancel immediately but still drop the bombs far is beyond me.

You can cancel into Plasma Storm just after the bombs appear. Hold hk until you want the bombs to drop, no matter what happens (DHC, whatever.)

The bombs don’t appear untill well into the hailstorm. Do you mean when the drones appear? is that really mean timing?

Sorry, I mean the drones (drone carriers). Not the bombs themselves.

gotchya, yeah I figured it out. for some reason I couldn’t get it to come out, but I tried again and it worked just fine. Dunno

you could hold the HK through the supers, but i also noticed that if you hold HK as long as you can (which isnt long at all) and dhc as late (which isnt late at all) as it allows you to, the bombs will land on the opponent without having to hold the HK through a dhc. strict timing but it works.

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