Sentinel Guard Breaks



I don’t know them, hook up thanks.


lk sent drones (GB) chp,rp, HSF its very predictable so just do hk sent drones n make em take the chip


In corner:

sj.LK, fly, sj.LK+Commando, sj.FP, DP Rocket Punch or if you don’t have Commando, just do sj.LK, fly, sj.LK, sj.LK, DP Rocket Punch.


i was just pondering on this probable guard break -

opponent comes in from pseudo-corner - (blocks, assuming they don’t pushblock) XX Jab Rocket Punch (whiff) XX HSF (HSF guard breaks), into air combo …

would this work??? if it does wouldn’t it be better than the fast-fly guard break because you get more options out of this? it’s hella push-blockable though, but it doesn’t put you in danger if they push-block


this one is with mag-a so bear with me

Flight mode fly towards the enemy call mag’s then fp the beam hits after the guard breaks unfly .fp,rp hsf midscreen in the corner they are dead because of unbl0ckable.

Cheap shit lol…lotta bs options too:p


w00t ok i just tried it out, when opponent comes in from pseudo corner, (block) XX HSF and it should guard break, after which you can launch into whatever

i’ve heard no mention of this before … how useful is this, and how prone is it to pushblocking?


it should work but it seems easily avoidable. look at it. if they push the fk then even if you go immediatly into hsf then the first round will most likely not hit but then they will fall into the next wave. but also think that it is prone to air dashes getting out of it and the look of it it seems as though it would be viper beam prone. if it does work then try using different assists to cover you so it wont be so easily escapable.


ah ok, but it’s not like Sentinel has many useful guard breaks … his drones guard break is unreliable, and can’t his fastfly guard break be push-blocked as well??? i’ll try using Doom-AAA to cover me …


In the way of guard breaks, this is my fav. and it is simple too. The only bad thing about this one is that it will take you out of unfly mode…but you can always substitute a sj. lk, for the regular jump frying pan.

regular jump frying pan, fly, into whatever good combo you and your assist have at the time.

sj. lk, fly, into whatever good combo you and your assist have at the time

i don’t know how practical all of his little GB’s are going to be now that sent has the unblockable laser option. many of the top tier can get out of the unblockable laser by air dashing or supers. o wellz, GB’s will still be affective, guess we will have to see how things pan out with the unblockable laser.


Yeah, the good old frying pan one is the most consistent. You have to wait a bit before flying and doing short. If you do this right, you can get the good old double rocket punch combo. Owowow.



My good friend and I tried Gb for about an hour, and we still have no idea what to look for. I read most of the GB posts. I tried the single crouching laser, and the drones into assist I never get the timing for. What would be the most practical easiest one to do?


Speaking of that, what is the Double Rocket Punch combo again?


Thats doing a j.Fp wait fly,up,lkxxrp(lp), then quickly doing another lkxxrp(Fp).


so what’s the best follow up if they take the j HP?


No follow ups are possible, you can just fly and do weird stomp stuff.


yeah i think this is about as exciting as it gets, sent isn’t too much for guard breaking. thats mags and cables buissness. the only way i guard break (well use to) is to catch them trying to jump in on cable (storm is the easiest cause she is more prone to do normal jump triangle instead of mags from my experience) or mags and make them jump into the drones as an assist. but i dont use that assist anymore so …

use cables assist to gb if you want to be fancy. or cammy, or commando or … and aaa

btw. the only gb i use is… in the corner when the next charachter is coming in

fly, as soon as they pop out, lp delay call tron during delay. fp, unfly fk, rp. hsf. jump, lk, lk, fly, lk, up rocket punch, lk, unfly land. launch (it will be blocked) stall just a sec and snap back.

ive tried this several times with several people and none of them will work with the half ass exception of iron man. anywhere on the sceen you are you can hit with a launch or gb them with it and cancel straight to a snap back. its a nifty technique, especially if you can land a launcher on cable or storm right off the bat.


I tend to think that sj. short -> fly -> ( whatever ) is the best sentinel gb, just because you don’t lose your unfly. You can also do really nasty stuff if you have the right assist (cyclops) to help you out.


I think the DP Rocket Punch would work as a good guard break as well, provided you’re close to the corner. If it hits, you can’t follow up unfortunately, but if they block and not push block, follow up with super. It’s 50-50, but it’s somewhat reliable once in a while.


generally (when a new charachter is coming in) i just dash over and when i would either do lp or gun shot with cable i fly, fp , call assist, unfly and if it works then i’ll getcha; but if not it’s about an 80% chance to automatically trap them in the corner for a while to buid bar if needed or cheese out a near death charachter.

but imo sent is better at his corner game then ac, well unless its an ac on the wall:eek: those get nasty. but with an assist like mags or storm and even tron, you can keep them i the corner fairly well and if you hit with lk, then its an easy combo to rocket punch, and POOF back in the corner where it all started.