Sentinel Guide Part.1

Sentinel Guide Part.1click here
just about every thing…

nice, i like it alot.

a couple of suggestions:

no sent on sent match tacktics, along with a few others

no brief explanition for the last 3 top tier teams for sent.

you didn’t list the combo explanation of your 6 rochet punch combo :smiley:

and DO MORE COMBO VIDS Sentinelsforce. i love yer vids, make more …

Umm thanks but ive only made one vid and the guide thats up there is an imcomplete guide thats why there is some stuff that arent there. But ill try and finish it soon so he can update it. And i might make one more vid i still gotta do this 8 rocket punch combo with unlfy and one bar. But its too hard and i havent had time since work and shit but ill see if i finish it laterz.

how are the fly combos done?
I have read the faqs, and tried them, but am i doing them too slow?
i use lp,fly,lk(or at least i try:( ) what is the easiest, should i try it on sentinels first?
I can do japanese setups for IM, and a couple of Magz infinites not just against sentinel, so why am i having such trouble with this?

man, its really a 5 rocket punch combo. rp hsf doesnt count. if you can do that then I can do 6 rocket punch combo as long as I have 5 levels. =P

Good point.

i can do up to nine with his unfly mode. And regardless of hsf its a rocket punch so thats six regardless of what u say.

1 Q: what the f@#$ is a fastfly combo do you know were i can get a vid to see them and start practicing them :evil: i’m a sent newb. so need help since at my arcade no one knows about this fast fly stuff ( they’re scrubs )= cable iceman , doom ( that’s their team… so elp me here tnx in advance:D

What’s that thing about Rocket Punch cancelling…that b+LP/FP thing.

plus if S.O.D really feels like it… he could put all the RP’s with the supers in there then after his supers are done take it to the air and whats that… like a 11 RP combo… :lol: not too good boi… so that wasnt a good point at all…

im not too sure… but i think you just do a PR… then to cancel it just hit back and LP or HP… all the shit you know and you didnt know about that… ? hmm…

i really dont know nothing about this game… ozzie is goin to have to come in here and lay it down fa ya’ll…

2Nasty: why don’t you go put up another ugly ass mvc2 match you scrub.

Sentinels Force: its a 5 rocket punch combo. stop fooling yourself.

:lol: im about to nikka… check thesitein like 2 or 3 dayz…

the canceled rocketpunch is just like ryu’s fake fireball from sfa2. the rp starts to come out but it retracts before going out. i don’t think it’s a very useful move however, because it’s still takes hella long for it to fully recover.

Try doing lp, lk, fly, down+lk.

How do you get to do an extra action/punch or hit after getting out of unfly mode IE: launch,short, fly, short, fierce, unfly, short, fierce. How are you able to do the 2nd short,fierce after going out of fly mode. Is there a certian movement of the joystick or do u have to hold a certian direction?