Sentinel & Ironman AAA



Can anybody list any combos with ironman and sent or vis versa. I am really interested in the 3hit rocket punch combo with repulser blast assist. Anything would be helpful.

#2, XX Rocket Punch XX HSF, dash-in,, sj., sj.[lp, lk, mk XX fly], f.[hp throw, lk + Ironman-AAA, hp XX unfly], assist hits, land, HSF, …

that’s the one i do, don’t know of the 3 Rocket Punch thing though


Sentinel w/Iron man Anti Air

Here’s just a lil trick that I use to confuse some magneto players. Call out the IM AAA assist, and at the same time send out the grenades drones from Sentinel. When you throw them out, make sure you release it just a lil later than when the drones appear. IM’s AAA throws the opponent the opposite direction, so be ready for launcher into combo of your choice. The longer you hold the fierce kick, the longer the drone fly across w/o dropping grendes. These grenades are also very helpful for preventing assists from coming out. While you opponent is mid screen and you are far left or right, send grenade drone while holding circle and the let them fly across to behind the player. While these drones come out, you may still atck, however you must time attacks accordingly.


3 Hit Rocket Punch w/assist

I’m not to certain of the 3 rocket punch thing you mention, but give this a try. Call IM AAA and then be close to iron man and do dragon punch motion with fp then regular fp rocketpunch and when the get to the ground do the rocketpunch light. Do all these while the assist is hitting. I believe that should work.


lk,lk+aaa,Rp, let assist hit then rpXXplasma ball-114 or so.


Corner, UnFly needed

Launch, sj.LK, fly, sj.LK+Iron Man-b, sj.FP, unfly, land, OTG c.LP, c.FP, Rocket Punch xx HSF, dash launch, sj.LK, fly, throw, sj.LK+Iron Man, sj.FP, unfly, while falling, sj.LK, fly, sj.LK, sj.LK, DP Rocket Punch.


corner: s.RP, HSF, call assist, straight s.RP, assist hits twice, as its hitting the 2nd time, straight s.RP, immediatly cancel to HSF, launch, whatever.