Sentinel is DONE in umvc3

no rocket punch otg into hsf = useless.

edit: i wrote this without knowing TK HD WORKS!! disregard the above statement.
also did not know it worked midscreen.
ok I guess sent will be okay for umvc3.

edit 2: this will serve as a changes thread for sentinel for UMVC3
OTG RP into HSF does not work in corner.
Drones assist has a faster startup

wow scrubs hate the robot so much they cry to capcom til hes neutered. thats a damn shame

I thought Sentinel was done when they nerfed his health back in Vanilla. Or when people found out he’s not so scary once you know how to properly deal with him.

I hate that move but its lame to get rid of it. Sent isnt bad once you learn how to deal with him. Doing this kinda sucks.

and yet he will still be on and play a very important role for many teams

its weird people complain that everything kills too easily for no effort so you dont have to think about resets, then they weaken the damage on stuff and ppl still complain. o well

if thats true, he’s probably been compensated in another dept. maybe harddrive is easier to combo after now anywhere on screen. but honestly, i’m chuckling over here.

otg assist>HSF= problem solved


or maybe people will actually know how to do a TK motion so they can do TK L rocket punch xx hard drive for more damage.

Meh he has other moves and is still strong

As long as he has drones he’'ll find a way on teams. Plus it’s not like you can’t just use an assist to do all of this.

the problem is a lot of people use sent as an anchor cuz of his assist and how strong he is in XF3, with no OTG assist… how will you finish combos?

I’ve seen a lot of people do rocket punch then hard drive to finish, and I believe you can still use plasma storm as a finisher.

My sentinel bnb does too many hits that OTG rocket punch xx hsf won’t even work, so I just use plasma storm instead.

Troll harder, bro.

He’ll just have to become more of an assist character in Ultimate if that’s the case. They buffed the charge drones assist (faster start up) so they probably nerfed his point game to compensate. Either learn to set up another mix up if you have him as anchor or learn to TK rocket punch so you can get hard drive loops. What you’re complaining about is mostly fixed with execution any way. This thread really doesn’t do anything but show how terrible people’s execution is in this game.

I say he got buffed if anything with drones assist buff. Plus it seems most every character got a new special move as well so we’ll see what he gets new on point.

TK L Rocket Punch to Hard Drive. This is a REALLY stupid nerf, but theres very reasonable ways to work around it.

so that must be why everyone was still using him at the umvc3 tournament at comic-con. including Dios who took the tournament.

Yup. Nerfed.

if otg rocket punch into HSF doesn’t work, what makes you think otg rp -> HD works? is it actually confirmed to work?

because HD has a huge hitbox and faster startup.

thats why shadyk was using magneto and wolverine and clock was using phoenix (for one or 2 matches)… even though they got nerfed they still used them because it was the best they knew how to play. why would he NOT use sentinel? think about it for a second…

The only way nothing would work is if you’re trying to say something crazy like the opponent becomes invincible to supers after an OTG rocket punch lands or they immediately reset. I’m assuming they just made it so rocket punch isn’t cancellable into supers anymore by normal means.

Not everyone plays Sentinel for his point play any ways. That was like day one shit when people didn’t block anything he did.