Sentinel is DONE in umvc3

Yeah. I’m actually talking to Dios right now and he says the otg nerf isn’t that big of a deal. Sentinel is still solid.As are the other characters you mentioned. Plus he said Doom got even better.

Keep trying though.

As long as he can OTG into HD/Plasma, I don’t feel like this is a big deal at all.

dios just said that the hitstun off a otg rocket punch is severely reduced, so that an HSF would not connect and the opponent would flip out of it. Has anyone seen an otg rocket punch into HSF or HD being done in umvc3? If so… please post.

That’s fine. Drones assist got buffed so that makes up.

lol @ you trying to make it seem like I’m trolling SRK. I never said Doom was nerfed, and you say phoenix is “solid” now? hmmm yea not rly. y u mad tho?

you actually can still land it midscreen, just not in the corner.

at least that’s waht i saw.

oh well, it isn’t autopilot, harddrive combo isn’t really much harder.

doesnt make sense how it wouldnt work in the corner… weird

It’s official. False alarm + drones buff = lulz.

In the corner means that the sentinels come from the complete opposite side of the screen and has to travel the full screen to hit the cornered opponent. Midscreen means that the drones only need to travel half the distance to make contact and combo in time.

as a side note this is probably one of the best topics i’ve ever seen.

I’m curious as to what that bnb would be :)~

as if people actually bothered to practice sentinel on point

rite, guise? trollface

i didnt think HD would work after otg rocket punch eheheh

on a side note, does the M rocketpunch into hsf work still? (in corner + out of corner)

Wait, drones got buffed? Where the hell have I been?? That automatically makes the complaint void. Also you should still be able to just end your Sentinel air combo with Hard Drive instead of flying screen (if for some reason tigerknee rocket > HD doesn’t work)…and just loop HDs (if that didn’t get nerfed)

XF Speed Boost

XF Damage Boost
Combo>OTG>Plasma Storm= Dead char

Really don’t see where the problem is

air x-factor is possible now as well. so he probably gets tk RP xx Harddrive xx aXFC, RP xx Harddrive, land, c.B xx RP xx Plasma Storm…or whatever you can think of.

or maybe he can get flight combos after an aXFC. :eek: this change may step the level of skill up required to do his powerful combos from scrubdom and make players earn their damage with him. thats a welcome change IMO. plus, he’ll probably get new tools to work with along with the rest of the cast.

learn actual combo’s that build actual meter? Nah that shit won’t fly.

does anyone have that video for the multiple rocket punches in the “new BnB” for sentinel. It looks similar to the toan but its not off an up air exchange.

Forgot to mention that I use both assists. But the point is you can see that my BnB can’t combo into HSF anyways.

Oh yeah, this bnb builds 2 full bars too.

:frowning: tk HD still does less damage overall

Sent should at least get his old health back