Sentinel Mid Screen AirThrow into Combo Question

Sometimes I will do a midscreen airthrow on the oppenent and will be able to hit them with a lk and some times I will not. What I am wondering is does there have to be a circumstance for this to happen or is it like a 2 frame link that is very hard. Also what is the best unfly combo right now to do off the midscreen airthrow?

umm i think the midscreen throw combo shit is random…juss like marvel itself…

best combo for a mid screen air throw???

well if ur flying you coudl go sumthing like this (after throw)lk,downward rocket punch with lp,lk,mk,upwards rocket punch wit hp

I think that the reason why you could continue a combo after the throw is because of that fact that you are close to the “wall”. I don’t mean the end of the screen, but simply the portion that is ended because of the position of the characters at the the time.

for example:

when you throw, sent pushes them away with his arm. If you are in the corner, he cant extend to far, so he releases close enough so that you are able to continue with a combo. If you are far away from the corner, his arms extend to far for the combo to be continued. Thus the character is not released close enough.

There are lots of combos to follow up with. Here’s an example:

(must be in unfly mode)

while flying, throw, lk xx unfly lk, FF lk…then continue from there with an assist, or unfly fp, land, then unblockable.