Sentinel mixups

I’ve searched threads and watched a lot of tournament videos, and this is something I’ve never seen any Sentinel player do or mention. If it has been brought up, or if it’s just stupid, let me know.

Everyone knows the basic j.s -> launcher into air combo, but I wanted to find a way to do as much damage as possible before launching. So I came up with this little combo:

j.s -> j.l -> j.l -> j.m -> M Rocket Punch -> j.l -> j.m -> launcher

But hit stun sucks really bad on Sentinel so I just put Hard Drive on the end of j.m now instead of launching.

The combo did get me thinking though. I mean, it does around 550-600k with the super, and is low to the ground which leads to nice throw mixups, etc. It could get even better throwing some assists in.

Here’s some stuff I’ve been thinking about. I’m terrible at this game, so this is me trying to bounce my ideas off people that are better. Let me know what you think:

Ending the combo at j.m and not using hard drive puts the opponent in air recovery which you can follow up with an air throw. Or if you’re very lucky and catch them trying to tech the throw or just randomly pushing buttons, you can do a corner loop with j.l -> j.m -> j.h -> land -> j.l -> j.m -> j.h. I leave off the last j.h and hit j.s for the ground bounce though.

Also, another slightly tricky thing is if you replace the last j.m of the combo with a j.h, it will wiff allowing you to reach the ground much faster. Here you can call a low assist and j.l to try for an unblockable setup. It’s best to use H Rocket Punch for this so you have more time to get in position.

You can also create a ground roll state if call an assist like Magneto’s disruptor at the same time as you hit the j.l after the rocket punch. I’ve been trying to use this to create command grab options, but I haven’t messed around with it too much.

Now, out of the corner you can do j.s -> j.l -> j.l -> j.m -> double jump -> j.l -> j.l -> j.m -> rocket punch -> hard drive to do decent damage and take a character to the corner from anywhere. If you leave out the rocket punch to super you can land and wave dash under for a cross up, or if you replace the last j.m with a j.h to wiff and land faster you can jump and do a really quick air throw.

That’s about it for now. I think Sentinel mixups are pretty powerful because he hits so hard and it makes people afraid to guess the wrong way. On the other hand, he already gets so much damage off of a j.s that it seems almost pointless to bother with it. Let me know what you guys think.

This is also my first post, be nice please. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been browsing the Wesker mixups/resets thread. I think this is a good idea. I always wondered about his options besides that simple combo that everyone can do.

Funny you mention this because I literally JUST popped in this forum for this. I made a small preview of my own stuff to get some ideas going. Like i said, after finals I’ll post up the rest of my ideas and combos. What do you think of the preview?


Just to let you know, Filipino champ is already using flight jLLM launch (filler) jS S relaunch combos. Still, worth discussing, not enough people do. (kind of embarrassing how many sentinels are still doing S jMMHS rocket super as their highest damage confirm :v )

Exactly, I don’t main Sent but I’m sick of seeing that one combo. Basically sick of people running and when they are closw thand they either mash on m or s. People really sleep on his jabs, they give you a year to hit confirm and give you more punish options since they’re way faster than his M attacks.

LB87, that’s a nice little preview. I can’t wait to see the full blown vid. :slight_smile:

Thanks man. After this week is over I’ll be able to work on it. It’ll probably mostly focus on Sent/Storm/Zero but I’ll add in some other assists for other people to apply ideas also.

I play Magneto/Wesker/Sentinel and I can tell you that a good bit of the reset/mixup potential that apply to Magneto and Wesker also apply to Sentinel. I’m still working on how to setup certain recovery states (practically) though. Once people actually find out Sentinel can do more than MHS L RP HSF and start abusing his fly/unfly and his RIDICULOUSLY good air normals, we may be onto something

I got you guys, I may wait to try and buy a new (good) camera and I also may wait until after UFGT to put it out because I’m gonna try to go there. DOn’t want people knowing my shenanigans before hand lol.

This video got some hate because it was released so early and brought the MvC2 MSS team to the game, but I think the haters got weeded out so it should have some benefit now to players. Check this video, it has sent combos/resets

I actually forgot about this video. I’m totally stealing those Storm resets

one thing to note… whenever you go for a command grab while you have bar, you can do this optionselect to save yourself from being whiff punished:

dp+A > qcf+AA or qcb+AA (performed really fast)

if it whiffs, you get plasma storm or hsf, which are both really good on block, though if they superjumped and you did hsf with certain chars, or they know how to pushblock punish plasma storm, you’re fucked. if it connects… no super comes out and you get a death combo.

that sounds horrible, no offense.

its literally the only way to save yourself if they read your command grab and jump, and of course you can dhc either super to make it completely safe, so theres no reason not to do it…

actually, nevermind. I misunderstood it. That’s actually useful. I thought you were saying after catching them with a command grab, do a super as they are falling instead of launching

I’m still trying to do that video but thing is this camera I have saves in MOD files which I can’t edit with my Mac (or at least I think). I may just have to do a long ass in-genreral tutorial and have mixups as one of the sections in it. I’ll let you guys know if I need any help

I just picked up Sentinel recently.
Is there any issue with blocked :l:, chained into :h:, kara canceled into :dp::h: ?

the :h: doesn’t actually come out, you just use those frames to get through blockstun into the command grab.

From my experience, no. hell, you don’t even need to kara cancel probably due to the range of the H command grab but whatever.

Paired with that option select with the missed command grab XX plasma storm, it could be a good idea.

^^ i like c.L, L, H xx H command grab. mixed up with the L moves into crouching M… simple command throw/low mixup.


The (c.L xx H xx H Grab) string is pretty cool against certain characters. c.L xx H Laser is a frametrap against alot of characters, so if you’ve trained them not to press a button there, you can easily sneak in a kara-canceled command grab. Also, if the opponent pushblocks c.L, they’re forced into blocking Laser. Add an assist into the mix and you’ve got yourself a nice little mindgame.

About this thread in general, I feel that people view Sentinel as a character with no mixups because, to date, he’s mostly been played for his assist. As such, he’s usually on his own with nothing but some desperate level 3 bullshit. And yea, when he’s on his own, this character really has nothing in terms of mixups (and honestly, nothing in terms of zoning and defense either). Maybe you can set up some little strike/throw games, maybe some high/lows against extra-large characters, maybe even a lucky left/right against a sleepy opponent. But if you grab your bozack, gather some courage, and throw Sentinel on point backed by a hit-confirm type of assist, I think this dude can be a real pain in the ass to defend.