Sentinel question about assists... Wanna make sure I'm right

So, a friend (ShinRaven) asked me a LONG while ago, why is it that you can hit Sentinel, and sometimes, the assist will still attack. So, in regards to all of the super-armor characters (not counting colossus in armor mode), but rogue with the power absorbtion, Juggernaut, Hulk, Sentinel… can you get hit in that super armor mode (eg. only one hit), and still have the assist perform the attack, rather than come out, taunt, and leave?


Yes because he doesn’t enter hit stun. You see this a lot when you c. lk, c. lk with Magneto against him, and you get hit by Commando :frowning:

i need some clearification. if commando hits sent, sent wont be in hit stun so sent assist will still come out. but if commando hits magneto, sents will go straight to the taunt animation right ?

and are all assists the same cuz i know if i call cammy assist it will launch a sentinel and its only one hit so sents super armour isnt a factor? is that common to all assists that send an opponent flying

There seems to be a misunderstanding.

Sent/Commando vs Magneto: If Magneto dashes in and hits c. lk, c. lk as Sentinel is calling Commando, Sentinel can take the hit from the first c. lk and block the second c. lk, and Commando will still come out and hit Magneto.

This happens because Magneto’s c. lk is not strong enough to go through super armor and put Sentinel in hit stun. If Magneto were to use something stronger like a j. hk as Sentinel is calling Commando, Sentinel will enter hit stun and Commando will come out, but not perform his assist.

aight, thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

lol sorry i originally thought u meant magneto/sent-rp assist vs. capcom