Sentinel rush down questions?

Ok, I decided since I am not intelligent enough to figure this out on my own then I might as well ask all the genius sentinels out there. I have a problem with sent’s rush down: I CAN’T KEEP PEOPLE IN IT !!! I don’t mean after a rep or two I mean at all! I don’t get what I am doing wrong? When I play against sent players or watch other people play they seem to get at least one instance where they can put pressure on people with sentinel with at least a little rushdown that seem inescapable but when I do it people just seem to jump out. This thread is not the same as the [[Stomp]] pattern thread because there is more to it then that. I want to know what is something that you can do that will keep people in “block stun” so that I can for once have a decent rushdown/pressure game to add to my less then impressive sent.

Doesn’t work unless you cancel c.hp into RP (and it has to hit them or be blocked) xx HSF, since you can sj out between beams.

it would help if oyu posted what team you use.

Sorry about that. I play sent/mag/cyclops, storm/sent/cyclops, storm/sent/cap. Really, my main team with sent is storm/sent/cyclops but I really like mag/sent/cyclops. So anything that would help with that is really nice.

i think staying mobile with sentinel is the biggest key to having a good sentinel

i mean what is wrong with c.fp+mag, fly,, unfly, see what opponent does
you got diff options after that, u can go high with a normal jump ff combo or go low immediately, or try to trick them with s.lp, c.rh, rp hsf =) just be mobilie is best thing i can say xD

I think another big thing to keep in mind when pressuring with sent is what aaa the oppenent is using (if any). Take out the AAA, you can keep an opponent grounded with as long as you dont cancel to medium. if they sj out (with cyke) fp - follow up with whatever. Just keep the opposing priorities in mind, try to hit with the unblockable whenever possible. Even if you are to far away for the rp,HSF you can framekill the unblockable to cyke, iron man, and some others. If you want to straght up lock an opponent down, you have to do it at the right time in a match. Watch the opponents supers, and if they do have a good AAA, prepare for it to come out before it does, unfly and kill that assist with the battery youve been safely building by maintaing distance and using priority to your advantage. Those are the things i think of before I start unfly stomping ppl.