Sentinel Strategies/Tactics/Q&A Thread



…because someone had to do it.

This thread is for sharing (and asking/answering questions about) Sentinel technology. If you want to discuss how good or how bad Sentinel is, do it in the general discussion thread.


What are Sentinel’s options for dealing with air attacks? Seems like he has to run away with flight or hope to land an armor hit.

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Sent air options

  • Block - duh
  • j.M > j.S - the limbs that extend from sent for his air attacks have no hit box so they are pretty safe to throw out
  • s.M > S - use this for more damage/super armor frames. Timing can be tricky since there is a gap of no super armor between hits but this helps with multi hit moves(ammy j.H for example) If the opponent doesn’t have a multi hit air move then S by itself is just as good of an option.
  • Hyper combo of choice - depends on the situation for the best HC
  • Assist > combo - if you have an assist that helps with this issue(dante A for example)
  • Dash under them for a ground crossup - don’t mash or you will get a c.M with your back to the opponent and then probably lose your sent
  • Back dash > spit - good option against characters with poor air mobility
  • Fly above them and punish with frying pan - not the best option, not the worst option. Pretty solid choice overall
  • H Rocket Punch - kinda slow and strict on spacing for it to actually work


Some good ways to land his commad grab?

  • Back them into the corner and use a multi hitting assist(Dante A, Chun Y, etc) then input the command so as soon as they come out of block stun they get grabbed.
    Note: You can use the normal throw also but they can break that.

  • Kara cancel using his dash or standing H


In addition to things Philly was saying, Standing L is pretty decent in certain situations, especially against fast, multi-hitting air attacks (like Joe’s j.S).

Tick off c.L, unfly normals, drones, assists, whatever. Block stuff and punish with command throw. Whiff punish recovery-heavy pokes with dash in -> command throw.

Too many setups!


How does Standing L help with anything? Range or something? It doesn’t have any type of special property like armor as far as I know.


Actually, I just tested this some more, and I might have been talking shit. I mean, it’s a viable anti-air in certain situations (against IAD approaches, as a dash-in AA, and some matchup specific things), but there seems to always be a simpler/safer/generally more effective option.


Can anyone tell me the right combo to do after I launch someone with S and Dormammu’s Purification at the same time? Purification sends them REALLY high in the air but I know I’ve seen it done (I want to finish the combo with air S).


I think just M, S after the launch/assist call will work. It’s easier to do with Dante assist when you can do M, H, S.


I want to level up my senteniel and move from fly to unfly combos . Where is his basic unfly combo. Also is it universal on all characters I notice on smaller characters I have to be doing , light , light flight combos.


Check out the combo thread for that stuff. As for universal combo try adjusting the timing of your SJC and when you attack after the SJC. starting a tad early or late on either really affects what can be done.



in this combo I get all the way to the first jump b. But It’s like he falls like a rock I am not catching J.C tips? help?


Try adjusting your timing with things like inputs and SJC’s


Any good way to get most of the HSF to hit the opponent in corner? I tried backdashing out of it but it leads to no avail.


Again simply try to delay the input for HSF, you want the opponent to be at the top of their pop before the flash screen is over and to begin falling as soon as the drones appear


I am trying to figure out ways to make more damaging combos with sentinel by included my other partners within the combos. I currently use Dormmamu’s black hole assist and storms whirl wind. Any ideas ?? I have not seen or read anything and I have been be doing some experimentations in the lab of my own and have not seen anything really viable or extremely practical.


Storms whirlwind assist doesn’t really do much for sent. Doesn’t help with combos and slightly helps with corner pressure


u have to double jump after the first B, so just hit B and hold up forward. timing isnt tight

also u can get more damage than that, launch, M,H,FLY…L,H,UNFLY…M,doublejump,M,H,S

its universal too


Here’s a million dollar question i havent seen the answer to:

which has faster startup, standing M or crouching M?

asking because j.:h:, j.:s:, LAND, :s:, j.:h:, FLY, j.:l:, j.:l:, j.:h:, UNFLY, j.:m:, DOUBLE JUMP, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, LAND, :qcf::l: (OTG), :qcb::atk::atk: (HYPER SENTINEL FORCE), :qcf::uf::atk::atk: (TK’d HARD DRIVE), ©:m:, :qcf::atk::atk: (PLASMA STORM)

is not hard, looks so awesome and builds almost 2meters so you can start it with a little over one bar and does over 1miliion dmg, no assists no xfactor. i just want to know which M is easier to link after hard drive