Sentinel: The REFLY Thread



Ever since I discovered refly, I’ve been absolutely intrigued by Sentinel. Not that I wasn’t before, because I thought I knew just everything there was to know about Sentinel’s combo limits.

Magnus introduced me to refly, and since then I can’t get enough of it.

Reflies are not only an excellent and flashy way to extend combos, but very effective in stomp-pattern maneuvers. The new combo video that I’m making will have plenty of innovative, stylish refly combos.

According to deviant, the first person documented using the refly effectively was WhiteKnight. My question is, what’s the longest combo anyone has ever done with consecutive reflies?


iirc, i think you can refly to more than15-20 hits starting from the lowest point doing lk,refly,up+lk,refly,up+lk and so on, possible if you got program pad skill.

from the videos i watched, the first time i saw refly used effectively was from jmar, the lk,hk refly, lk, hk, rocket punch.


I’m more interested in the lk refly that is utilized in combos. The extensions that you can create are insane.


Can you offer up some execution tips? I know practice practice practice etc. but I’m looking for some help with this. I’m practicing with sj. LP, LP refly sj. LP, LP. At this point I’m not comboing the refly, just working on the inputs. Any pointers helpful.


hmm… what i used to do to gauge how fast my refly was, fly sentinel as low as possible to the ground, then just do unfly/refly repetitions. if sent won’t touch the ground, i think you’re refly is fast enough.


good idea thanks


If you want to get your refly’s down you can also play the game on Turbo 2 and practice fastfly’s. Due to the speed setting your inputs would have to be slightly faster to get those down…afterward go back to Turbo 1 and use your newly gained input speed and you ‘may’ have an easier time getting your refly’s out…dependent on the players’ own execution skills.


I prefer to just use refly on zoning and stomp paterns… I can do the refly combos, but really doesn’t do more damage so i avoid them unless i know i won… Sanford & Chunksta are the only two people ive seen go more than 3 low kick reflys on a person in game play…


3 reflies consecutively? One after another? Amazing. I can only do 4 so far. On a good day.

But yeah, refly stomps are vicious as well. Those patterns make a huge difference in the corner.


Yeah i’ve seen Sanford do the low kick refly low kick refly low refly etc… until he to the very top of the screen all combo in -_- he does that with the lp refly lp refly lp etc… to…

I can connect the reflies up to like two to three times going up but afterwards it doesn’t combo… Im asuming you need a really stiff spring or a p360 to keep it going…


I figured as much because for the time being I am using an agetech and have done only one refly out of thousands.


Yikes. I heard there was a video on SRK somewhere where it shows a Sentinel reflying all the way to the top. Comboed of course



Are you the same [media=youtube]lt1XVlMwNVM[/media] ?


yea thats khaotic…

hate that guy


yeah they had one i think it was (Meikyousisui Volume 11)


im pretty sure he used a pad lol… its the sentinel combo on 3:15 a little too crazy i cant refly that much…


Can someone do a video of their hands doing this. This would be mad helpful!


Yeah, that’s me. I have a new video coming out next week. Pure Sentinel with different assists used. Reflies galore.

That Meikyousisui Volume 11 combo is classic. Crazy.


Woot. I’ve been hoping for a sentinel Refly video for a while. Good shit!


I demand, sorry we the ppl of MvsC 2 players request demand to see the new Khaos Sent vid asap hahaha…


Hate that guy? Hmmm, dunno seems like yeh I hate him too damm sent cough cough LoL serious, see ya later and get some games in hopefully hahaha…