sentinel throw...

so i did an air throw today… and sentinel threw them in a downward direction and the shit came out all pixellated where his arm should be… it just looked like broken sprites… any ideas? btw, the game slowed down to shit afterwards.

no idea what that is , but once my friend did magneto’s hk grab at the top of the screen and threw somebody directly up.

i swear, this game is broken.

What version are you on (out of curiosity)?



Do you normally get slowdown in DC? I don’t fink I’ve ever had any, though I’m not so much in tune to the speed of the game.

no. the DC version is arcade perfect.

Yet you experienced slowdown? huh?

…yet a graphical glitch happened. doesn’t mean the version isnt’ arcade perfect.

Oh alrighty. I thought you had said that caused slowdown.

Guess this threw me off.

the graphical glitch is what caused the slowdown. It has nothing to do with it being arcade perfect or not.

Heheheh, don’t worry man. I’m just messing with you (a little).

But yeah, I get it. Thanks for splainin.

Slowdown happens sometimes, I know if I kill someone with an assist but storms LS hits after, it slows down a ton, takes a while for the win screen to pop up.

I’ve never had this happen to me though.

i think most slowdowns happen when both characters call an assist at the sametime.

Also the best slowdown kills are the Captain sword slowdown, and the Hail storm Slowdown.

yeah, DHC from tempest that hit to hail and it’s like “CHING…CHINGITY …CHING CHING”

Tempest to Hailstorm never caused much slowdown for me. Captain Sword to Hailstorm, OTOH…

I’ve also seen times when you do a triple dhc ending with Hail storm cause slowdown.

Marvel is so fucking epic.

the double dhc when one person has storm as point. Thats a cool glitch. It takes the game like 5 seconds to actually start up again. I got this glitch with strider and I got instant wave orb and glitch bomb.

strider super fast bomb is pretty glitchy too. I activated off a glitch bomb once and that thing was over cables head before he even tried to ahvb me. If you do the jump glitch off the bomb and you hit the assist sometimes they dont come down. marvel is so broken its good. Marvel is a living thing. That game does what it wants when it wants.