Sentinel: Top Tier?

I would like the opinion of the people. Is sentinel top-tier? Lets be real now. I would also like to hear the definition of top-tier?

Man, Sent sucks so much. Who needs fast-fly or any of that shit when you got Arial Rave?

This is a joke right?

Lets just say it is.

LOL OMG GOOD 1 !!1!1!1!1!ONE!11

Oh’Yeah?? O_o

Sentinel is the “ONE” :clap:

i thought you were a good player dude O.o.

Sent has the unblockable, he has easy 100% comboes, he has speed, he has super armor, he has great chip and monster damage + 2 great assists… combofiend at one point was extremely frustrated at marvel soley because of sent.

He has great pressure and great zoning/pokes fuck cable’s ahvb being made of 100 c. fierces this motherfucker IS sagat he has everything.

Sure he has bad matches but so do alot of characters but sent is no doubt one of the most dominating forces ever he has the ability to win the whole damn game for you. Do you think sanford being considered one of the best sent players and being one of the best marvel players period is a coincidence?

He even frustrates me some, ALOT of shit that works on everyone else doesn’t work on sent he also has the most stamina in the game in fact alot of people say that sent basically killed low tiers ever being viable. He also recovers from the air 1 frame earlier than everyone else iirc… there’s also the fact that all anti airs save for psylocke give him unfly… fucker’s a beast

yeah sent sucks ass. without assist he’s nothing, just have to get inside that nigga :clap:

Sentinel is top tier according to its definition as “characters that are used to win the majority of tournaments”.

hell yea he’s top tier. those damn fast fly combos (especially the capcom one) does so much damage, he has the unblockable;he has the semi-infinite that can kill your assist.etc. and also, for some reason when somebody tags him in and you try to start a combo and launch him up he recovers and can block the launcher! WTF is up with that?! :confused:

too many people use sent

Sent is the MVP of Marvel. Fuck calling this game Marvel or Marvel vs. Capcom 2, let’s just call it Sentinel or Sentinel vs. Sentinel. Since day one, this game has been about one of two things:

  1. How well you use sentinel
  2. How well you beat sentinel

which is the reason why Cable was the second most used character for the longest time. Cuz the only way people could get passed that fuckin robot was to shoot him.

One more thing. How many fighting games are there where the biggest strongest guy is also one of the fastest? :xeye:

He’s considered air born it’s easy to combo him all you gotta do is straight launch because he is considered a bit off the ground and sometimes when you are sent and you tag in and mash hk or whatever you’ll even do a j. hk a inch of the ground.

I have NO idea why he is like that, if that wasn’t enough his taunts seems kinda short so maybe he might have a little less vulnerability as a assist and tag in.

Don’t even short > launch or light attack, middle into blah blah blah launch

not only will you not succeed (he’ll bounce away or be able to block the launcher) he will get unfly too.

what kai and higher jin said.

cyke is ass cheeks too.


Awwwwwwwwww Man Chris stop this nonsense we all know Sentinel is top tier but he’s not fucking with Magneto without assit. Plus Chris we all know who’s the 1 STORM ! BUT CABLE IS STILL FUCKING BUFF :encore:


he is way too fun to play

is sentiel that big robot guy, yeah sorry i dont play marvel

just say hand your shorts over, cause big boy is gonna dig in that ass!!!

:pray: Sentinel is the number one rapist in this game…

sick em boy get em boy :wow:

<3 robat

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