Sentinel unblockable: Banned?

The topic speaks for itself. IMO, hell ya. Ban it, and ban it good.

weird, so much cheese in mvc2, once you start banning one thing theres a host of other shyt that one could come up with to ban as well. the unblockable is pretty damn dirty though, i think there might be 100 percent death combo in the corner using it. example

launch , magic series, rocket punch, fierce roundhouse, as opponent is getting up , unblockable their ass, rocketpunch , hsf, launch, yah.

honestly though this still doesnt make his guardbreak game any more fucked up then cables (guard breaks are pretty much unblockables in a way themselves). and using it on guard break is the most abuseable application of it.

The gltich has to be game breaking, and this doesnt sound like a game breaking glitch. It doesnt stop the clock or prevent characters from coming in. If it exists, it has to be allowed.

Aren’t all glitches banned from tournaments? This unblockable method is just as worse as a character not coming out at all. It is not a GB, it is an UNBLOCKABLE. With it’s possibilities, it can easily take out a whole character. And ATLEAST do 50% damage.

How is it going to be possible to enforce this? What if someone hits the c.fierce too late cause they’re dyslexic or retarded and it becomes an unblockable? How can u prove beyond a benefit of a doubt that they intentionally did it?

If guardbreaks and infinites are not banned, I really don’t see how this can be banned.

Yeah thats the thing, aaa comes in, unblockable, combo into another unblockable(tag a capcom assist in there to finish it up), :smiley: this game is great:D

That shit rapes magneto coming in, thats why soo doesn’t like it:p

well, the thing about most guard breaks is that with a lot of them, there are more ways to lower the chances of getting nailed than with Sentinel’s unblockable. Take Cable’s jumping HP gb for instance. After you fire the bullet, 3 choices you can do is either AHVB, jump and HVB, or jump HP againXX HVB. Each one will work very succesfully depending on what the incoming opponent does whether he pushblocks, takes to bullet, or just blocks. I’d say the Sent unblockable is just a notch above the Cable guardbreak in terms of cheese. Banned or not, I wouldn’t mind seeing it banned nor would i care very much if it stays.

ban that piece of shit tactic. it’s unblockable, guard breaks are okay, 'cuz you can get out, this one you can’t. like i said, ban that piece of shit

ok this thread is dumb! how the the hell u going to ban this and not the shit cable does? its just another glitch that is not game breaking. some may say it is cheesy but hey so is cables’.

Shut up idiot. Obviously, you either lack a knowledge of the game, or you are too full of idiocity. It’s not another GB. Do you know how to fucking read? It says, “UNBLOCKABLE”. I think the dictionary would describe the word as, “not being able to block”. This thread isn’t dumb. You’re too dumb for this thread. So never speak in here again. Or I’ll track your ass down at EVO. And change your avatar. You are disgracing the game which I love. Chow niegg :slight_smile:

Okay, I think I’m out of the loop here. Can someone explain how Sentinel is “unblockable” and provide a link to a video if there is one. Thank you.

basically you do the low fierce real REAL early when they’re coming in, and it kind of hits them from behind…crosses them up in a weird way.

If they do the sentinel unblockable correctly, can’t you hold fwd to block it since it sort of hits you from behind? Or is it totally unblockable? Of course, if he messes up his timing, you’re dead…

U guys are dreaming. They won’t ban the unblockable for the same reasons why they won’t ban roll cancels.

It’s a glitch… but it ain’t game-breaking.

just like Juggernaut powerup. Just like Doom cr-roundhouse unblockable.

While think its one of the most powerful discoveries to date, to compare it to other unblockables or guardbreaks isn’t fair IMO. But on the other hand there’s already a fine line in marvel between theory, and reality, i’m hesitant to start playing with the rules. We’d have to see some amazing unescapable shit to ban anything in that game short of flying off the screen forever or freezing the game.

this might be a little unrelated but in CvS2, where you do Blanka’s super (the fast one, not the rolling one) and hit them as they wakeup…it’s like a crossup and hits from behind or something

is that escapable? and if not, why allow sent’s unblockable and not this?
i’m not trying to take sides here, just raise questions

i think a good idea is to actually play more out and experiment with this more to see if there actually is a way to escape it

we still have a few months ya know

my 2 cents

How is this different than Doom’s ‘sweep of doom’? Obviously the effect is the same, but far more abuseable with Sent, but they allow Doom’s, don’t they?

Really, there’s no way to enforce it, keep it in.

The difference between Doom and Sentinel’s is that Sentinel can, in theory, totally kill a character and then some.

Well, I haven’t seen any lethal Dooms abuse the unblockable RH, into a 50%+ combo…but if there are any, I’d love to see it. :smiley:

Maybe you bitches need to learn how to play Ryu and DP that shit.

there are so many ways out of the ublockables in the middle of the game, and there are only a handful of characters that can’t do anything when coming in to avoid it. Magneto’s gb’s are a lot of time unescapable. How bout banning storm so that she can’t dump 5 hailstorms in a row at the end of a game? And soo started playing sent. $10 says he deletes this thread when he gets this shit down pat in a week :stuck_out_tongue:

Doom unblockable RH and tron assist into launch, aircombo --> photon array.