Sentinel (unblockables only list them if you a sen pro)sen pros only!



yo check dis,I heard sentiel had a shit load of garud breaks i know the one when hp,fly,then whatever.But i heard it was more like right before the char comes in down a d.hp then that tru.And i heard it was alot more please if you no some please post me some(UNblockables only)


Ok to do some sent unblockables you gotta… oh wait this says for pro’s only (walks out). :rolleyes:


c.fp = unblockable, i dun feel like re-explaining why and stuff like that when other people have countless times. just do c.fp before they drop in so they hit the last part


well if you get a chance to explain can you help me out by explaining.i really would appreciate it.Thanks:cool: if its no problem


Sentinel is big and enjoys having magneto make him sandwiches.

If you do not understand, see for further details.