Sentinel VS cable scrubs

What are some strategies to destroy cable scrubs? Sentinel works too hard right now when fighting cable.

don’t make a mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

whats your team?

whats the best thing 2 do with sent when ur fighting cable/capcom-aaa ?
wats the best thing 2 do when ur fighting anyone that got capcom aaa ??
u try 2 do anythin u get smashed rite out the air wit that shi’t :mad:
i use team row and sometimes sent with cyc-aaa
any1 got any strats ?

if you have sent commando you can rape a scrubby cable…

You just need to keep the basics in mind. If cable has no bars you should wave dash to him wait for him to call his AAA then counter call and rush that shit down. If he doesn’t call his AAA, you will need to bait it out. If cable has bars you need to be really careful, wave dash forward and then watch what cable does. You should always be aware that he could kill your assist with three bars, so most of the time you can counter assist and super jump.If you cannot dash forward take to the air. Cable will jump up and try to shoot you or throw a grenade so then you fly as far as possible and then unfly. Keep doing this and try to get cable in the corner. Then you get to stomp on his head and bait out his assist. And stomp all over his assist for free. Watch out for random tags. Just be cautious and you will be able to kill (a scrubby) cable.

Also when you have sent cyc vs cable commando i would not even bother calling out cyc unless you have some dirty trick in mind. Just bait that commando out and then take on cable.

Sent vs cable is tough fight but it can be done, if you have a lot of patience.

i have a pretty set plan in this match up if i start sent vs cable.

opening set im pretty wreckless vs cable, i call assists at will and i rush down and throw out mouth lazers or whatever i want. because honestly i dont care if i get hit by one ahvb, even if cable does hit me it’ll take him a while to build and i can stay on the offensive. next phase comes when cable builds two meters. now i do not want to eat two ahvbs, so i will take less chances on the ground. however i will continue to call my assists and i will take chances in the air since i can only get zapped for my mistakes once during flight. stage 3 comes when cable has 3 bars, now i will hault assist calling and any messing around on the ground, and try to just peck him from the air. mostly at this point im trying to dhc sent out to a character better suited to fight cable.

you know it doesn’t take long for cable to get two bars. and if you’re playing against a good player they will have two bars really quick. best thing to do is have a good dhc. Like storm. Hit cable and hurt him and take some risks until he has a good number of bars and then next time you hit him you hard drive with sentinel into hail storm.