Sentinel with Cyclops AAA

Sentinel with the cyclops assist is just awesome. Does anyone know any special combos they have together. Especially corner combos using the cyclops AAA. Or do you know any tricks to use with either of them on point with the other one assisting. I use, cable, sentine, cyclops this team is awesome.

Does anyone know there corner combo they have with sentinel on point?

  • any time cyc hits your oponent, dash in, sj, lk, fly, lk, RP(lp), lk, lk, RP.

  • jump in hk+cyc aaa fly / or fly hk + cyc aaa, fly up/forward lk, RP(lp), lk, lk, RP.

  • launch, sj lk, fly lk, RP(lp), lk+cyc aaa, fp, RP.

  • dash in,, s.lp(optionel), fly, lp + cyc aaa, hk, fly up/forward lk, RP(lp), lk, lk, RP.

*) If you are in the corner, after these combos, you can grab at the end, then do lk+cyc aaa, fp, fly up, lk, RP(lp), lk, lk, RP

These are semi-advanced combos, there are many unfly combos that I haven’t posted.


launch -> short->strong-> fly-> short+cyke-> fierce-> unfly-> short-> forward-> fly u/f(optic bullet hits)-> short -> forward -> rp.

Here’s a new one I came up with while playing one day:

Come in with a jumping lk.,hk.,land,immediately dash in with a standing lp.,lk.,cancel the lk. with Fast Fly+lk.,hk.+Cyclops AAA,then immediately un-fly and s.jump up while the AAA is still hitting your opponent with lp.,lk.,lp.,lk.,right after you hit the last lk.,Fly and do Sentinel’s air throw,right after the throw,immediately press lk.,fp.+Cyclops AAA and finish with a lk.,lk.,RP.Your opponent should now be close to death.

alright, see, i can’t fast fly w/ sent. any good tricks/pointers/combos that doesn’t need fast fly?

no. sentinel combos without fast fly are ugly and scrubby.

fast fly is easy, just do fly then hit forward and your buttons

here is the best sent/cyke combo I’ve been able to come up with:

(in corner flying) jab -> strong -> unfly -> short -> rh -> dash -> rh (launch) -> jab -> short -> fly -> short -> fierce -> unfly -> short -> fly -> short + cyke -> fierce -> unfly -> short -> forward-> fly u/f(cyke hits) -> short -> fierce-> unfly -> short-> fly-> short,-> fierce -> unfly -> short -> forward -> rp.

another combo -

(corner) (flying) -> jab -> strong -> (unfly) -> short -> rh -> (dash)-> jab -> short -> (fly) -> short -> rh + cyke -> unfly -> short -> (dash)-> sj. (air combo).

Sentinel is still my man…

Man these fly, unfly combo’s with Sentinel look absolutly gourgeous :lol:, but Jesus Christ, they can be so hard for me to do. You’ll must have fingers of godz or somthin’, I fill like a scrub all over again (not good at all:bluu: ). Anybody know the dill wit’ connecting a combo after Sentinel’s air rave to flying throw combo’s. Sometimes I can connect some hits after the throw :), and sometimes I can’t:( , in or out of the corner.

How are you’ll getting them fancy lil’ pictures under you’ll names (a little bit off subject, my bad).:wink: