[Sep 1, 2011] East Coast BnB - SSF4AE XBOX LIVE Tournament - Prize: 20$ (XBOX Live (East Coast))



- Bières et Bastons / Beer and Beatdown -

  • We are back for another season! A new, simplified tournament format awaits! :slight_smile:
  • Cet évènement hebdomadaire XBOX LIVE a pour but de rapprocher les différents groupes de joueurs du Canada et plus!
  • This weekly XBOX LIVE event aims to bring together the different players of Canada - and more!

**- Reward - **
20$ (paypal) :slight_smile:

- Registration -
[][S][S]BnB 2.1 : Registration closed for 2.1[/S][/S]
][S]BnB 2.2: Registration closed for 2.2[/S]
[][S]**BnB 2.3: Registration closed for 2.3[/S]
][S]BnB 2.4:Registration closed for 2.4[/S]
- Results-
**Global: **http://gameplayfirst.com/sfloft/?page_id=775
]BnB 2.1
]BnB 2.2
[]BnB 2.3
]BnB 2.4
- Stream -
http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sfloft (if Twitch.tv is down).

- Format -
[]@ 18h00 (EST) – Stream is started, a private lobby is opened for casuals.
]@ 19h00 (EST) – Tournament is started. The new tournament format will allow for a loser’s bracket! J
Therefore, we ask you to check-in between 18h00 and 19h00 (EST) to validate your registration. See you on the stream’s chat:

[]Brackets will be posted on the stream’s chat.
]Standard double-elimination format.
[]Matches are played as a best of five round.
]The Winners & Losers finals will be a best of 3 games (3 rounds).
[]Grand finals are a best of 5 games (3 rounds).
As entrants, it is your responsibility to:
]Make sure to have the tournament mode DLC installed.
[]Make sure to have the Arcade Edition DLC installed.
]Be present on the stream’s chat, so you are ready to answer the call.
[]Send a message to “Le Pepui” on XBL (a friend request will also be accepted).
]If it isn’t your turn, be ready at all time to join in (do not start ranked matches that could be interrupted).
[]Stop the stream when you’re playing to reduce lag.
]Make sure to have a valid paypal account to receive your prize if you happen to win.
[*]If you lose a first match, do not quit! The tournament isn’t over for you yet!
I am really happy to invite you to the second BnB and I wish you the best of luck!J

- HELP US! -
If you like what we do for the community, here are how you can show us your support!

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask!J

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Next tournament is tomorrow!!! Get ready and register! :smiley:


Tournament is in a couple hours! Last call for registration :slight_smile:


Winner tonight was… yet again - Scromps! Congratulations to you!

We had some troubles with lag and such - this can happen in online tournaments. However, we will resolve the problem for next week. Sorry for anybody that could have affected.


And here we go! I updated the main post with the full results of yesterday and the registration link for next week!



This is going down tonight! For those too lazy to scroll-up, here is the registration link!

[SIZE=6]link removed, registration for 2.2 is closed[/SIZE]


Great great great tournament guys! :smiley: Congratulation to everybody who participated, it was such a fun evening! :slight_smile:


I had a lot of fun! My Viper may not have been up to snuff, but it was exhilarating, haha.

Guys, it’s great experience and everyone’s friendly. Sign up! Great way to meet people and get experience!


Thanks for the positive feed back! We’re doing our best to host a great tournament but it’s because of great players like you that things are really shaping up! :smiley:

Complete results for the tournaments can be found here: http://gameplayfirst.com/sfloft/?page_id=775&tournamentid=6

The main OP is also updated with everything! :slight_smile:

And registrations are open for next week! Follow this link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/J3FJ23Z !


I’ll try not to be late this time.
In the future, I recommend keeping a player in the bracket. That way if he shows up late he still can enter!! Or atleast put him in losers bracket.


Next tournament is tomorrow! Get hype everybody and register!!! :smiley:

Let’s make this tournament as fun as the last one! :slight_smile:


Congratulation to Scromps for yet another victory!!! We need new challengers!

However, next week there WON’T be any BnB, we are taking a one week pause because the Loft is organizing a local tournament next week! :slight_smile:

The BnB will be held on September 1st. :slight_smile:


We are ready for Septembre 1st! Hit this **link**to register for BnB 2.4!

We had a lot of people that registered but didn’t show up on BnB 2.3, that made for a very anti-climatic tournament so please, make sure that you will show up if you actually signs up!

Anyway, I’m looking forward for BnB 2.4 and I hope to see you soon!


Due to the low amount of registrations for this week, we will report the BnB 2.4 to an undetermined date.

Thanks for your continual participation! We shall return with a bigger prize pot! :smiley: