[Sep 10, 2011] Game Galaxy Arcade in Antioch TN - Sept. 10th tourney for SSF4AE,... (Antioch, TN)

Here we go guys, its that time again for more tournament action!

Saturday, September 10th 2011
Game Galaxy Arcade
5252 Hickory Hollow Pkwy STE #2005
Antioch TN, 37138
Inside of HICKORY HOLLOW MALL, upstairs near the food court
[][COLOR=#ffffff]12pm: Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition (Xbox 360)[/COLOR]
][COLOR=#ffffff]2pm: Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (Xbox 360 AND PS3. That’s right, both systems)[/COLOR]
[][COLOR=#ffffff]5pm: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)[/COLOR]
][COLOR=#ffffff]7pm: Mortal Kombat 2011 (Xbox 360)[/COLOR]
Each game will be 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches, and double elimination. We will be starting on time for each tournament. Please be on time.
**Special rule for 3rd Strike: **Be prepared to bring a PS3 and/or a 360 stick for this tournament. You WILL be asked to play on either. There is NO OFFLINE DIFFERENCE between the systems. Please remember this rule, this is important. We will not hold the tournament up for people to choose the system they want to play on.
$5 cover, and $5 entry for each game.
Payout for each game will be 70%/20%/10%
See you guys there!