[Sep 10, 2011] River City Runbacks! (Richmond, VA)

Hey everyone, Civil War was great, but it’s results were rather… inconclusive shall we say, so we’re running that shit back right!
With more space, more events, and more casuals!!!
9/10/11 1pm start time. It is going to be a race weekend in Richmond, be wary.
Where: Comfort Inn Midtown.
3200 W Broad St
Richmond VA
Venue Fee: 10$ Online pre-register until midnight 9/8/2011 EST.
15$ at the door. Register early! No exuses!
Registration is LIVE! Register now! Saves you time! Saves you money!


Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

system: Xbox360 on HD lagless CRT computer monitors
fee: 10$ singles 5$ 3v3 teams (waseda style)

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

system: Xbox360 on HD lagless CRT computer monitors

fee: 10$ singles 5$ 5v5 teams (waseda style)

Mortal Kombat 9
(all dlc characters allowed)

system: Playstation 3 on CRT tube tvs
fee: 10$ singles 5$ 2v2 tag teams

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition!!

system:Xbox360 on HD lagless CRT computer monitors
Fee: 10$ singles 5$ 3v3 teams (waseda style)

Tekken 6

system: Playstation 3 on CRT tube TVs
Fee 10$ singles

Blazblue CS2

system Xbox360 on HD lagless CRT computer monitors
Fee: 5$ Singles

Arcana Heart 3
Fee: 5$ singles
Playstation 3 on CRT tube TVs
If a certain ST supergun shows up, we will have an ST tourney as well.
**BYOC AREA! **Feel free to bring whatever setup with whatever game you want. Practice your main games or bring some esoteric game that no one plays but you to make yourself feel better! There will be table space and room. Just don’t ignore your tournament games!
**THE SETUPS: **The majority of this tournament (where feasible) is 360 exclusive. 360’s are hooked up to old school Dell Computer monitors via VGA cables for high res, lag free gaming. There will be some letterboxing due to the 1320x 768 resolutoin, but it’s not noticable after awhile (mvc3 automatically does this on 4:3 screens)
I’m tired of the uncertainty of random LCD panels. No more. These will be the best setups you’ve ever played on.
If you are a PS3 pad user: I highly recommend buying a Dual Shock 2 and a PS2->360 converter. I will buy some for loan, but make it easy on yourself, please.
Defintion of “waseda style” team tournaments. A vs A, B vs B, C vs C. Then any remaining players play in alpha order. A, B, and C positions are locked to prevent countering.
Not only does this format ensure that everyone plays, it’s also faster to run because the 3 initial games can be run simultaneously on 3 setups.
Refunds: Generally, if you paid for a game and are placed in the bracket, none. Tournaments take a long time. Be prepared for this. I’ve taken many measures to ensure the majority of every tournament this time around is completed within a timely manner. Online preregistrations, increased # of setups, greater space, more staff, and a fun atmosphere should make it so no one will even request for one.
Pools/Seeding/Lateness- I will be assigning pools based on pre registrations. If you are late or do not pre reg, don’t expect to be seeded away from your buddies or away from the other killers in the bracket.
Team tournaments will take place before singles, to ensure they actually get ran. :smiley:

I’m in there…Marvel and THIRD STRIKE!!!

I would love to come and play Third Strike at this tournament but I can’t Garou-ntee I’ll be able to make it.

Is it only Saturday?
Will there be extra sticks for the 360?

robin that color font doesn’t work on the black layout.

I would love to attend and play some AE! And will there be extra sticks?

I’m a total noob, but you’ve gotta start somewhere right?! I’m hoping to be there to get my feet wet. AKA my first time getting my ass handed to me, lol!

Haha same here old school. Best of luck Toya

Registration is live guys!!


Wait, 3s teams is 3v3 Waseda style? How does that even work? Do you mean 2v2 Waseda? Or 3v3 KOTH style?

A1vA2, B1vB2, C1vC2

A1, B2, C2 win.

Then it’s A1 vs B2 with C2 on deck of B2 loses.

Order is locked btw, so you can’t cherry pick matchups.

sign me up for cvs2

I’m coming.

That sounds cute and all, but I would REEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY suggest you just go to KOTH style. It has the exact same number of maximum matches.

Yeah. But KOTH style you can only play one match at a time. This is critically important for early round matches that won’t be streamed or anything. Waseda wins.

It’s how the marvel 5v5 was ran at EVO.

Yeah, and that format is pretty universally agreed to be shit. Which is why Season’s Beatings is switching to round robin for their 5v5 EC vs WC rematch. 2v2 is Waseda, 3v3 is KOTH, anything more is Round Robin unless you’re doing some Japanese style 17v17 KOTH.

Why is 2v2 waseda good but 3v3 I shit?

The thing I (and most tourney organizers) hate about koth is that it takes too long because you can’t utilize multiple setups.

Especially when idiot organizers make finals matches 2 of 3 sets.

Round robin for an open team tournament is out of the question.

Sugestions? I don’t see what’s so terrible about a 3v3 waseda, but of you have an idea, I’d love to hear it.

1 week to go! Pre reg now!

Can anyone give me a ride from Laurel, MD, to Richmond on Saturday morning? I only need a one way ride. Willing to throw money at whoever can take me down (to Richmond).

I posted this on the Facebook page, but I’ll post here too.

  1. I didn’t get a confirmation email yet. My email is minnheo@gmail.com

  2. Freddy should be banned and the DLC costumes which make the characters the prepatched versions should aalso be banned. These are basically gamebreaking things that every tournament has banned and it’d be a terrible to have Freddy’s broken as going through projectiles for no reason and winning because of that

How much interest is there for Arcana here?? I’m gauging my decision on whether or not I wanna make a last minute decision here.