[Sep 10, 2011] SSF4:AE - 9/10 BoogyDwn TurfWars (Bronx, Ny)

Doing another Tournament on 9/10 please arrive at 3pm so we can start by 4pm-4:30pm

Entry Fee: $20 ($15 to prize pool n 5 to house), 3 Prizes 70%, 20%, 10%
Format: Double Elimination, Grand Finals 3 out of 5.
System: PS3/SSF4:AE
Tv: 42in Lcd/Led HDTV by Insignia
Location: 3995 Hillman Avenue – cross streets (Van Cortlandt Pk South and Segdwyck Ave) near 1,2, n 10 bus also 5min walking distance from 4 train n 28bus and 8min walking distance from 1 train.

There will be at least one TE Stick and one PS3 Controller for your use, but please bring your own for your comfort. The matches will be recorded using a HD Pvr and uploaded to Youtube.com/BoogyDwnTurfWars and saved under the TOURNAMENT playlist. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at BoogieDownTurfWars@gmail.com or preferably TEXT: 917-889-0014 My Name is LIGHT.