[Sep 10, 2011] The Salty Runback (MVC3) (Brookly.Ny)

Location: wix.com/llrds8/maverick-comics
Maverick Comics and Video Game store
210 Parkside Ave
Right across the street from the Q train at the Parkside Station

Time: 2:00pm ( Every Saturday)
-Casuals start from 10am when we open, However on our arcade you will have to pay 50¢ per person for 10 minutes of play(Including arcade mode,versus, and training room).

  • Be sure to be there on time.

-As this is our first open tournament the prize will not be cash however since we are a Gamestore
1st place prize - Any Brand new game(Including new releases)
2nd place prize-Any used game of your choice
3rd place-(only if we have enough people) - 3Month Xbox Live card or Any Graphic Novel of your choice that is $24.99


  • Tournament will be played on our custom Arcade cabinet which has sanwa Buttons and Japanese style joystick, However you can bring your own PS3 Controller.
    -Entry Fee is $10 per person( However if we do not have a minimum of 15 people we will not be holding the tournament)
    -Matches will follow Standard Evo Rules
    -Absolutely do not vandalize any of our equipment.
    -We reserve the right to search anyone suspicious.
    Venue: Wix.com/llrds8/maverick-comics
    Maverick Comics has been a locally known Video Game and Comic Book store in the Flatbush and Church Ave area.We will be attempting to host tournaments every week starting from this saturday so sign up, Show up, and have some fun.