[Sep 14, 2012] Marvel vs Capcom 2 Seasons Beatings [Sessions] (http://battle-ground.net)


Seasons Beatings: Ascension is hosting Marvel vs Capcom 2 unofficial tournament (side tournament).

Who am I? I’m just a Marvel vs Capcom 2 player that enjoys the fundamental and fast pace the game provides. Not only is Seasons Beatings attempting to bring a legend game. I am also bringing it to Final Round XVI at Atlanta, Georgia.

So, stay tune for further information about Marvel vs Capcom 2.

All of these matches will be online for now. Seasons Beatings will have a stream for Marvel vs Capcom 2 on the side and hopefully on mainstream if possible.

Thursday = XBL
Friday = PSN
Saturday = Both Consoles

I am not part of the GODLIKE-Entertainment. My purpose is to advertise and support Marvel vs Capcom 2 scene.